The GPNA Economic Development Committee is charged with working to enhance the overall economic potential of the Grant Park neighborhood. Encourage and assist businesses to locate within the Grant Park neighborhood. And, encourage businesses in the Grant Park neighborhood to participate in the work of the association.
Have a question? Contact a member of the Grant Park Neighborhood Association board of directors.
Our nerdy committee maintains the GPNA website and overall content. Get involved! We're creating a tour of Grant Park's historic homes! Join us at the Atlanta Preservation Center on Monday, January 26 at 7pm to help enter home addresses and history.
The Grant Park Security Patrol is a nonprofit operated independently of, but hand-in-hand with, the Grant Park Neighborhood Association. GPSP is a nonprofit corporation, which hires off-duty City of Atlanta police officers to patrol the streets of our neighborhood, in their own unmarked cars. Although "off-duty," these police officers still retain full policing powers when working for us. Additionally, they are able to stop and question suspicious persons, ask for IDs, and check for prior arrests and outstanding warrants.