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GPNA Meeting Agenda - Tuesday, September 15, 2015
contributor Stephanie Taylor Warner on 9/15/2015.
Please join us tonight for our monthly meeting. See attached agenda for more details.
Saturday, Nov 14, 2015 8 PM to 11:59 PM - Grant Park Rec Center It's gonna be a hot mess!
contributor Terri Heyns on 8/19/2008.
Gluten-free Restaurant and Bakery Coming to Grant Park
contributor Stephanie Taylor Warner on 9/15/2015.
Former booksellers to make restaurant debut with Mediterranea. Co-owners Gerard Nudo and Gary McElroy are teaming up to bring a gluten-free restaurant and bakery, to 330 Ormond Street SE in the Grant Park neighborhood.
Sylvia Waller, resident of GP for 45 years, needs our help!
contributor Stephanie Taylor Warner on 9/15/2015.
Grant Park: Permitted Events this Weekend
contributor Lauren Rocereta on 8/28/2015.
Please refer to this Grant Park Conservancy update to know what permitted events are occurring in Grant Park this weekend. This update will provide information about what the events are, how they're permitted, and how to respond in the event of a permit violation.
GPNA Meeting Minutes - 2015, June 16
contributor Kristin Andris on 7/20/2015.
Download the Atlanta Police Department Mobile App!
contributor Lauren Rocereta on 7/2/2015.
Download the new APD app to get alerts and information from your men and women in blue!
NEW: City of Atlanta Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon
contributor Lauren Rocereta on 6/19/2015.
The Department of Public Works is pleased to inform you about a new enhancement to public safety. Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons (PHB) are being installed in high pedestrian areas to allow protected pedestrian crossings, stopping road traffic only as needed.
GPNA Meeting Minutes - 2015, May 19
contributor Kristin Andris on 6/14/2015.
Non-profits in Grant Park
contributor Stephanie Taylor Warner on 6/8/2015.
Want to donate to nonprofits and keep the heart felt giving in your own neighborhood? Check out the nonprofits nearby!
CHaRM - Atlanta’s Smart Place for Hard To Recycle Waste
contributor Lauren Rocereta on 4/8/2015.
Tues 9am-4pm, Thur 9am-4pm, Sat 8am-4pm
CHaRM stands for The Center for Hard to Recycle Materials. It's a new facility on Hill Street diverting thousands of pounds of household hazardous waste, bulky trash and other hard to recycle items from Metro-Atlanta households, water supplies and landfills.

School Supply Donations
contributor Stephanie Taylor Warner on 7/29/2014.
Help local school children in need start the school year prepared!
GPNA Meeting Agenda - Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Subject to Change
contributor Lauren Rocereta on 7/8/2014.
GPNA Kroger Community Rewards
Use Your Kroger Plus Card & Help Your Community!
contributor Stephanie Taylor Warner on 7/10/2014.
Kroger will donate money to GPNA - just shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card!
Report Streetlight Problems
Streetlights reduce crime and increase community pride.
contributor Stephanie Taylor Warner on 7/11/2014.
Streetlights reduce crime and increase community pride. Please check the streetlights on your street, and report them if they're burnt out!
Help Horses in Grant Park
contributor Lauren Rocereta on 7/9/2014.
GPNA has launched a Friends of the Atlanta Police Mounted Patrol Facility Group.
FitWit is on ScoutMob
FitWit's 30-Day FitStarter Package for Only $119
contributor Hank Sforzini on 3/20/2014.
If you've ever wanted to try FitWit, now is the time!
Grant Park Dental New Year Specials
contributor Jillian Vazir on 1/3/2012.
A new year, a new you! If taking better care of yourself was part of your 2012 new year resolution, let us help. Come in for a new patient exam and x-rays for just $99.
contributor Stephanie Taylor Warner on 12/2/2011.
Swimming Lessons
contributor Stephanie Taylor Warner on 12/10/2011.
Swimming lessons are only offered during the summer at the Grant Park Pool. However, our lead instructor, Sabir Muhammad, offers year-round lessons at the Washington Park Natarorium, only 4.7 miles from the Grant Park Pool. Please visit to learn more or to register.
contributor Stephanie Taylor Warner on 12/2/2011.
Smart 911 - Associate your phone number for a faster response
contributor Harold Jebens on 3/3/2013.
The service allows citizens to provide details on their family and home that 9-1-1 may need to send help in an emergency.
Is Your 911 Call a Priority?
contributor Mr. Jeffrey E. Rogers Sr. on 1/6/2004.
Explanation of the prioritization of 911 calls in the APD 911 System. Click title for more ...
About the Grant Park Neighborhood Association (GPNA)
contributor Loren Heyns on 7/7/2001.
Short History and contact information.

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