GPNA Monthly Meeting Minutes

GPNA Meeting Minutes - 2016, October 18

MINUTES - Tuesday, October 18, 2016

  • Ormond-Grant Park – hand dispensers vote passed unanimously
  • Carla Smith – Announced the Grant Park Parklet Ribbon Cutting & Self-defense class (Active Shooter done by APD) – Thurs 6:30pm (look on YouTube)
  • Transportation – discussing how it will join LUZ so projects can come through together – abolishing chair for Transportation and they fall under LUZ
  • Zoo Atlanta – 3 presentations by Epsten Group and Zoo Atlanta regarding the Grant Park Path
    • Relocating path – existing conditions and elephant barn and savanna exhibit - Pete with Epsten Group
    • Existing Conditions and Cyclorama Rendering – working with National Park Services and historic preservation expert plus many others; they are working to restore damage and make numerous repairs; Grant pavers and elephant exhibit; barn is at a lower elevation than the park; lead silver certification for building practices that are environmentally friendly; far beyond AZA standards; generous space
    • Ropes course – kid zone addition to existing playground; 7 pole navigator
Officer Reports
  • Election nominations
  • Homes and History
    • The meeting 3rd Monday of every month; discussed tax credits for doing historic restorations of a home. Only new build that came through monthly meeting is the 493 Atlanta Ave property.
    • Also discussed was demolition for 293 Ormond St – empty house for 13 years that has not been maintained by the owner; it is still on national historic register as a contributing house and it in fairly solid condition. Code enforcement meeting regarding compliance tomorrow morning 8am at 850 Garnet Street, there is concern and request for neighbors to attend in order to help save a home, and loose national register compliance.
    • Tip of the month – COAs (Certificates of Appropriateness, re; Type 1 – 4)
  • Rob Bernier
    • discussed the MothBall this year and its current sponsors. All money earned will go back to GPNA for various sponsorships.
  • Public Safety
    • Lieutenant Floyd spoke to report on crime. He stated things have been fairly good over the past month – 5% crime decrease from the same period in 2015 -  0 robberies, 1 residential burglary, several vehicle break ins, numbers are expected to drop as baseball season has ended, though there is concern of safety over holiday season. Reminders given regarding the Clean Car campaign. The concerns regarding the Grant Park Kroger were assessed, and extreme preventative measures have been taken to the degree found optimal. Zone 6 is increasing on Halloween to address safety and traffic.
    • Committee Chair Chris Newman discussed No report from prosecutor Keith Lamar. There was one prosecution where a burglar with numerous arrests was given a 20-year sentence. Police headquarters have this month …. Commonwealth burglary today. Police responded immediately and suspects were almost caught.
  • Technology
    • Upcoming meetings and Kroger Plus card benefits
  • Land Use And Zoning
    • Rick Hudson discussed 899 Boulevard building a pool and builder putting a iron fence around the pool that is necessary to be taller to match regulations
    • 235 Sydney – residential daycare special use permit application; there was a motion in committee to support that if & when they sell the property the special use permit will be revoked. We’ve have issues previously because once special use permits are given they stay unless revoked. Owners were there to explain that it is a duplex where they will live in one side of the house and have the daycare in the other. They still have to go through all the state application. There is a maximum of 12 per unit, i.e. 24 per household unless there are sprinklers installed.
    • 755 & 753 Hill Street – Paul Simo explained how owner will be developing narrow homes in order to comply with lot and variance for driveway to run between houses to be shared. LUZ asked him to share driveway then split behind homes vs 2 separate driveways
    • Glencastle redevelopment – Site concept for land use chance by Praxis3 and Urban Realty. They would like to split property in order to preserve historic side of apartments. This administrative change would have a full set of conditions that would still be honored by the builders. Jim Voris spoke in regard to separation of properties and opposes it. Paul Simo and Rick Hudson stated they would be abstaining from the vote to honor … There was confirmation that this would help protect the historic elements. There was discussion that the tax credits have been pursued since the beginning of the development and these were necessary to maintain it. Demolishing the Old Atlanta School would cause them to be removed from the state historic district and park services offices. There would be up to 44-45% tax credits but it has to continue to contribute to national historic register and income producing. These developers have to hold this property for 10 years. Tie vote – 2 abstentions
    • Proposed structure regarding Zoo Atlanta parking that would allow continuous green across 3 story deck. Net gain of 11-12 acres of greenspace. We have been promised streescape improvements by the city in addition to ingree egress along Boulevard.
  • Sunburst proposal
    • we’ve built many sunbursts all from volunteers so there is a vendor that has given us a proposal. 2.5 company has proposed developing new signs for $6500. The price must be increased from $50 to $75 in order to make up for cost. Right now material costs are low, but even with material costs going up new price increase will still generate income.
Open floor
  • Fulton County Clerk vote. 


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