Close the Gap | Milledge Fountain

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Grant Park neighbors recently voted to support a $5,000 donation from the Grant Park Neighborhood Association (GPNA) to support the Grant Park Conservancy's Milledge Fountain Renovation Initiative. In response, the Grant Park Parents Network (GPPN) donated an additional $1,000!
Only $2,500 more is needed to help close the gap on all the funds needed to completely fund the Grant Park Conservancy's efforts to bring the fountain back to life and beautify the area!

DONATE TODAY! The Grant Park Conservancy is a nonprofit organization, so get your tax deductible donation in before 2017!

From the Grant Park Conservancy Website:
Milledge Triangle Makeover

We are excited to announce that we have received a $30,000 donation from Georgia Power to enhance a historic and beautiful pillar of our park, the Milledge Triangle!

The Milledge Triangle is one of the most visited and highly visible points of interest in Grant Park. The makeover will include restoring and updating the exterior of the fountain and the land around it. These efforts will transform the area, which is much in need of repair, into a lovely gathering space for both passive and active enjoyment.

We are excited to let you know that the new medallion featured in the center of Milledge Triangle has been installed! Next time you are at the Grant Park Farmers Market, be sure not to miss the beautiful, new medallion in the center of it all.