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3/20 UPDATE: There were two meetings (3/13 & 3/15) regarding 800 Glenwood. GPNA LUZ Chair, Rick Hudson, will provide an update at the 3/20 GPNA meeting and provide a written summary for the website. In short, Fuqua Development will seek all options for affordable senior housing.

800 Glenwood Listening Sessions – GPNA Crafting Official Position

GPNA has an obligation to remain as neutral as possible with complex and emotionally charged issues until we have an official position. Please avoid misinterpreting neutrality with perceiving GPNA to favor any particular position. Once an official position is crafted, GPNA will represent the majority voice of neighbors. Professionalism and calmness are required in order to obtain the best outcome possible for the benefit of the Grant Park neighborhood. 

The GPNA general monthly meetings are for updates only due to time constraints and do not provide the proper forum for discussion of a complex issue that requires focus and time. Due to this, several listening sessions will be scheduled in order to provide opportunities to discuss a possible request by Fuqua Development to rezone a parcel of land to allow for a self storage facility after being declined for low income tax credits to build an affordable senior living facility. This parcel is currently "under contract," but a final contract would likely not be signed if the City of Atlanta denies the request to rezone. If this request is made, Grant Park neighbors will have the opportunity to vote to support or not support the rezoning request. The results of this vote would go to NPU-W for consideration and further discussion. NPU-W will then take a vote of support or non-support which will be provided to the City of Atlanta. Rick Hudson, GPNA LUZ Chair, has been ill and my have surgery the week of February 26, so the meeting dates announced at the GPNA meeting on February 20 have changed per the below information. Fuqua Development has agreed to provide more time for the neighborhood than they originally committed to at the second listening session.

The GPNA official position on an issue is crafted according to your vote on a subject when a vote is taken at a GPNA meeting. GPNA is currently in the stage of providing information to neighbors. For the “800 Glenwood Senior Housing to Self Storage” official position we will follow these steps:
  • 800 Glenwood Listening Session: March 13, 7pm, Zoo Atlanta ARC Building Coca-Cola World Theater – listening Session with Fuqua Development and representatives from Columbia Development will meet with neighbors to discuss why the 800 Glenwood location did not qualify for low income tax credits.
  • GPNA LUZ Committee Meeting: March 15, 7pm, Zoo Atlanta ARC Building Tech Lab – further discuss 800 Glenwood
  • GPNA LUZ Committee Meeting (subject to change*) April 5, May 3 - Zoo Atlanta ARC Building Tech Lab – opportunity to further discuss 800 Glenwood
  • Neighborhood survey regarding 800 Glenwood will be distributed after all listening sessions are completed
  • GPNA General Meetings: March 20, April 17, May 15, 7:30pm, Zoo Atlanta ARC Building Coca-Cola World Theater – 800 Glenwood updates will be provided at these meetings.
    • A vote will be taken by the body regarding “800 Glenwood Senior Housing to Self Storage” at the May 15th meeting. The GPNA official position will come from the vote taken at this meeting.
Please read the information in this link for more information: 800 Glenwood Listening Session Update
If you have any questions please contact Rick Hudson, GPNA LUZ Chair, at luz@gpna.org or Michelle Kirby, GPNA President, president@gpna.org.

*The above dates and any changes to dates are available on the calendar. Please make sure you sign up at gpna.org to receive emails from us. 

We look forward to your participation and working with you for the best solution possible!

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