Landmarks of Grant Park

The Second Grant Mansion

Neighborhood History
Although he built this Victorian Italianate home in 1871, L.P. Grant did not move into his second house until 1881, on the occasion of his second marriage. He lived there until his death in 1893; his wife, Jane Louisa Crew, continued to live there until her death in 1912. Since that time the house has had at least 22 separate owners.

As a result of fire damage suffered in 1973, the once stately home was rendered uninhabitable.  Vandals proceeded to strip the house of its few remaining architectural features such as the original silver hardware on the doors, the black walnut staircase and three plaster arches. Slate mantels were stolen, molding was taken and windows destroyed.

The house contains 5860 square feet of living space, four porches and ten fireplaces. It even has a hiding space in the kitchen floor. The house is built of 2 foot thick exterior walls and 18 inch thick interior walls of solid brick, concrete and railroad ballast.