GPNA Monthly Meeting Minutes

GPNA Meeting Minutes - 2018, February 20

Date:                          February 20 2018
Time:                         7:31 pm to 9:04 pm
Location:                   ARC Building, Coca-Cola World Theater, Zoo Atlanta              

Officers Present:
  • Dr. Michelle Kirby - President
  • Ron Hatch - Vice-President
  • Michelle Botwinick - Treasurer
  • Steve Powner - Economic Development
  • Laura Keen - Fundraising
  • Paul Simo - Homes and History
  • Heidi Reis - Philanthropic
  • Chris Newman - Public Safety
  • Stephanie Warner- Technology
7:31 pm: Meeting Commenced
Note: meeting can be seen in full at:

Officer Reports
President: Dr. Michelle Kirby
  • Thank you to Zoo Atlanta for the use of the space and reviewed house keeping
  • Welcomed new members and businesses
  • Elected Officials' SHORT Update (if any are present)
    • Rep. David Dryer's office update (Kurtis Fulmer)
      • Provided an overview of upcoming sessions and bills. Contact David Dryer directly if you have questions (404-656-0265 or [email protected])
      • Town hall being held on March 7th or 8th
    • Councilwoman Carla Smith
      • Asked David Dryer’s office to contact her regarding the upcoming offshore drilling
      • Annual tire round up for Earth Day is upcoming in collaboration with CHARM
      • She will set up a public meeting on the Grant Park parking deck in coordination with the City. She noted: There are no updated renderings as some of the redesign work has not been completed. As part of the settlement, the city is to meet with the appellants to discuss the redesign of the a multi-modal path and the bandstand. We've engaged the appellants since the settlement but have not concluded the design as it also involves a few other agencies. Though, we can provide an updated tree replacement plan if you believe that is helpful. -We are working out the details with the contractor for an updated timeline
      • Would like to engage and educate the neighbors for consideration of a “road diet” regarding the speed limit on Boulevard and will contact Stacy Keith, our congressional representative on the state Transportation Board, to investigate further
  • Zone 6 update from Major Neil Klotzer. Introduced Capt. Collier, new to Zone 6.
    • Asked all neighbors to be a good witness and call them if needed.
    • The Major provided updates on recent events occurring in the neighborhood
  • Grant Park Schools Update – No update
  • Grant Park Conservancy ( – No update
  • Grant Park Parent Network Update – (
    • Parents Night Out: 3/9/2018 will be at Eventide and Farm Burger will have a food truck
    • Easter Egg Hunt: 3/31/2018
    • Run Before You Crawl: 4/14/2018
    • GPPN Playgroups
  • Grant Park Neighborhood Happenings – refer to other organizational update sections
  • Historic Oakland Cemetery – Richard Harker
    • Note that Oakland Cemetery is a city park and all proceeds go back into the restoration of the cemetery
    • Arts at Oakland, Saturday 5/19/18 from 4:30-10:00 p.m.
    • Tunes from the Tombs, 6/9/2018 – focus will be on local musicians
  • 2018 Action Items and Proposed Budget
    • Asked membership in attendance to review the printouts and hold vote at the end of the meeting
  • Grant Park NPU-W representative update:
    • Lauren Rocereta, lead for GP NPU-W representatives, provided an overview of what NPU-W is and the responsibilities of the GP representatives. To have a GP voice to the city, you must attend at least 3 NPU-W meetings within the last 12 months. NPU-W is the official voice of GP to the City.
    • Stay informed through attendance
    • The GP NPU-W representatives for 2018 were voted on and approved in December 2017 by the members attending the general meeting
  • GPNA meeting venue update
    • President provided the research conducted by Steering group on the options of alternative venues for the monthly general membership meeting and the criteria considered for the location. Steering committee voted at its last monthly meeting, which is open to the public, that Zoo Atlanta was the best option
    • A member put forth a motion to move the location of the general GPNA monthly meeting and all committee meetings within 3 months outside of Zoo Atlanta due to a perceived conflict of interest with a second and a lengthy debate. Total discussion time more than 20 minutes, which lead to deferral of many agenda items
    • A member also suggested to livestream future meetings
    • Final vote: 26 in favor to move the meeting location. 34 in opposition. Motion denied and the GPNA monthly general membership and committee meetings will remain at Zoo Atlanta
Vice-President: Ron Hatch
  • Passed around the volunteer sign up and asked if all attendees have signed in
  • Member asked for monthly email reminders to put out the signs
Secretary: Dr. Michelle Kirby (acting)
  • Review the minutes from January and will vote at the end of the meeting
  • Asked for a volunteer to sign up for the position
  • Will attempt to get the agendas out sooner so that neighbors can determine if they want to attend the upcoming meeting
Treasurer: Michelle Botwinick
  • Provided an update to the current funds and what of those funds are dedicated for local initiatives, such as Ormond-Grant park and community gardens and perks
  • Reminder that GPNA is a 501c(3) organization and all donations are tax deductable
  • Member asked for a report on how much GPNA has received from Fuqua development since 2014
Committee Reports
Public Safety: Chris Newman
  • Next committee meeting is on the 4th Wednesday of the month in conjunction with NPU-W safety meeting
  • Liquor review board applications: Revelator (previously Octane), Grant Park Tavern, Butecel
    • All three applicants approved unanimously for supporting the application and will move forward with support to NPU-W and then to LRB
Philanthropic: Heidi Reis
  • Will send an email about the Nicholas House dinner making. There are 3 dates that GPNA has signed up for and you will receive and email to volunteer
Technology: Stephanie Warner
  • If you are not receiving contact information from GPNA, please contact [email protected]
Economic Development: Steve Powner
  • Grant Park Gathering Update – Your Pie on 3/1/18 from 6-8 pm
  • If you want a sunburst, contact Steve at [email protected]
Fundraising: Laura Keen
  • Welcome to Laura who moved from Secretary to Fundraising chair
  • 2018 Tour of Homes set of May 19th and 20th and GPNA seeking volunteers and homes. Contact [email protected]
Homes and History: Paul Simo
  • Next meeting will not be at Atlanta Preservation Center due to scheduling conflict
  • GP has 3 historic districts
  • Chair noted that GPNA officers and chairs attend multiple city and neighborhood meetings throughout the month
  • Update on the development at Boulevard and McDonald. Initial plan approved by Homes and History and then also the general body was suggested to be modified by the Atlanta Urban Design Commission (AUDC). Homes and History suggests that GP and its members support the original design and push back on the modified design from AUDC
  • Tips of the month:
    • ACE – Accountability, creativity and educate in terms of historic renovation
    • Consider air tightening of doors and windows
Land Use and Zoning (Including Transportation and Transit): Dr. Michelle Kirby (substitute)
  • Committee chair could not attend due to illness
  • Loomis St update – The city has not responded at this time
  • “Don’t Block the Box” update - The city has not responded at this time
  • Placemaking project public information and a group within GP is pursuing a possible project on Boulevard near Ziba’s and another project to open Killian’s dead end street
  • 800 Glenwood information sessions update: there will be further sessions to discuss the change from the original plans to the new proposed plan from Fuqua and will be posted on
2018 vote on action plan and proposed budget deferred until March due to time constraints
January minutes – deferred until March due to time constraints
New Business/Open Floor
  • Member provided information of issues of property taxes and upcoming meetings regarding this issue. Please contact Barbara Antonopolis for further information at [email protected]
Adjourn – 9:04 PM
GPNA Monthly Meeting Minutes
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