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Grant Park Conservancy
Board Meeting
May 27, 2004
6:30 – 8:00 PM

The meeting was designed to identify the steps the Board needs to take to move Grant Park Conservancy forward on the following four (4) major initiatives:
1. Implement the Fundraising Plan and Prepare for Capital Campaign
2. Board Recruitment/Development
3. Formalizing the Annual Planning Process
4. Messaging and Public Relations

I. Fundraising: Implement the Fundraising Plan through increased memberships leading to major donors and prepare for Capital Campaign to begin within 12 months.

1. Make phone calls and other follow up to membership campaign.
2. Identify people in the community who can help with capital campaign.
3. Identify potential capital projects. Organize a time for the Board
members to walk through the park and discuss possibilities.
4. Ask the City/Community for input. Consider a stakeholder’s charrette.
5. Analyze external factors that could impact the choice of capital projects.
6. Outreach to funders based on projects chosen.

II. Board Development: Recruit additional Board members based on the needs identified in fall ’03. The initial goal is to increase the Board to twelve (12) members and then immediately begin expansion to twenty (20) members.

1. Elect officers.
2. Update the Board inventory created in fall ’03 to include new members.
Continue to identify gaps in the skills/knowledge/background needed on the Board and recruit people to fill the gaps.
3. Include potential members who are “well connected” as well as those who are willing/able to be “workers.” Note: “Workers” include people who can work in the Park on projects and people who are interested and able to work on building the organization.
4. As the Board grows identify and implement additional Board structure such as committees, task forces, etc.

III. Planning: Develop and implement a strategic planning process within the next 8-10 months.

1. Identify/isolate pieces of planning.
2. Identify and compile data that the Board will need to make planning decisions. (July – September 2004)
• Walk through Park
• Stakeholder analysis (Phil has a volunteer who is willing to work on a park user survey.)
• Information/advice from other conservancies such as Piedmont. (Phil has organized a meeting with representatives from several park conservancies in the Atlanta area. Use this group for ideas.)
3. Hold a one-day Board retreat in fall ’04 (October) to work on vision, strategic goals, action plans, capital needs.

IV. Messaging & Public Relations: Jill Strickland, a PR professional will be joining the Board in July 2004. The group agreed to wait and discuss messaging and PR after Jill comes on board.

Other Business

Upcoming Events: June 1 and August 7 – First Saturday Work Days
June 16 – Conservancy Conclave – invitees include Piedmont, Chastain, Freedom, Olmsted Linear Alliance, Perkerson, Sandy Springs
July 22 – Board Meeting
August 6 – Home Depot Work Day
August 14/15 – Grant Park Summer Shade Festival
September 25 – MothBall (proceeds benefit Grant Park Conservancy)
September 25/26 – office open house during Tour of Homes
October 2 – Hands On Atlanta Day – groups from Coca-Cola and Delta Air Lines will help out in the park
October 9 – Board Retreat
October 23 – Georgia Tech TEAM Buzz
October 30 – Halloween Masquerade Ball at the Burns Mansion Proceeds benefit the Conservancy

Director’s Report:

Phil Cuthbertson reported on a series of meetings between the Conservancy, Zoo Atlanta and the J. Bulow Campbell Foundation regarding mutually beneficial projects and potential funding. One of the projects involves signage in and around the park. The Zoo is developing concepts for gateway signage to the park/the Conservancy is developing a wayfinding hierarchy and signage plan for the interior.
Phil also reported on a recent meeting with Leigh Ann Launius of the Cox Foundation.

Board Recruitment: Jill Strickland of Strickland Communications will join the Board in July.
An official ask was extended to Mr. Charles Brewer.
A meeting was held with Michael Robison of Lanier Parking Systems. Mr. Robison is a member of the Piedmont Conservancy Board and agreed to help us identify potential recruits.
Brian Pilger is a strong possibility. Brian is the Transportation point person for the Metro Chamber of Commerce and former resident of Grant Park.
Rick Jones has approached Judy Porter, CPA. A standing Thursday meeting would conflict with our Board meetings. Mr. Jones asked about changing our Board meeting days to allow Ms. Porter to participate.
Phil has generated a list of potential contacts for Board membership and/or networking for same. The list will be sent out via email for current Board member review.

Membership Campaign 2004 kicked off in April. A progressive mailing approach is being taken. About 100-150 pieces are mailed each week with first priority given to zip codes closest to the park – 30312, 30315, 30316. A list for phone follow up will be developed for volunteers and Board members to assist with membership solicitation.

The Board meeting schedule for the remainder of the year:

Thursdays, 6:30 p.m. at the Conservancy office – 499 Broyles St July 22, Sept 25, Nov 18

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