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Six Feet Under Fish House & Pub Donates Golf Cart

It was mid-July when a group from a large corporation visited Grant Park to gather information about a possible corporate help project in the park. To get a broad picture of the needs and the potential work areas, the group took a walking tour. "I love to walk in the park at any time of year," says Phil Cuthbertson, Executive Director of the Conservancy. "However, not everyone enjoys the heat of July and you can begin to see the enthusiasm drain from their faces as beads of sweat roll down their cheeks. I try to stay in shaded areas and make the walks as short as possible. My goal is to convince corporate reps to bring employee work groups to help in the park - not send them back to the office in need of a shower."

Enter local business hero Six Feet Under Fish House & Pub. Owners, Tad and Nancy Mitchell, asked if the Conservancy could use a golf cart and if so, how would it be utilized. The answer was easy. It gives the Conservancy a bit more panache when taking corporate groups or potential donors on tours of the park. It allows us to use their time more efficiently. There are other benefits as well that range from safety to logistical support.

Sincere thanks to Tad and Nancy and all the good folks at Six Feet Under Fish House & Pub.

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