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About Us

The Grant Park Conservancy (GPC) began as a group of concerned Atlanta residents who recognized the need to protect Grant Park, Atlanta's oldest city park, from the demands of growing use and declining maintenance. During an updated master plan process commissioned by the city of Atlanta Bureau of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs this group realized that the impetus to implement the new plan would come only from concerned citizens. The Conservancy was formed and now works to raise funds to carry out its mission and provide an enjoyable greenspace for families, visitors and residents of nearby neighborhoods.

The Master Plan calls for massive renovations and improvements to the park over the next 20 years. However, there are no current plans in the City of Atlanta Bureau of Parks budget to fund these improvements.

Modeled on other conservancy movements in Atlanta and cities across the country the GPC will work independently and in partnership with the city to fully implement the Master Plan.

The Grant Park Conservancy recognizes the importance of usable, friendly, clean, safe, well-maintained green space in the urban environment and works to provide a public space in which the city can take great pride.

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