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About Us

Get out of the house. Spend some quality time out of doors and in the park. Break up the winter doldrums. Whatever you want to call it, get off the couch and help us prepare the park for spring.

The Grant Park Conservancy invites individuals, community groups, church groups, fraternities, sororities, park users, youth groups, non-profit groups and all others interested to participate in our FIRST Saturday Workday program. The first Saturday of every month, volunteers will meet in the park (see "Calendar" for meeting location)to build a better park.

Saturday workdays begin in the morning hours and end in the early afternoon. Times may vary depending on season, weather and planned activities. Activities will also vary month to month based on weather, season and specific park needs. Volunteers will plant trees, plant flowers, weed flowerbeds, mulch, prune, paint, clean up and more.

Want to come to the park and play in the dirt? Call the Conservancy 404-521-0938 or email [email protected] to reserve your place. You can also visit our "Calendar" section for information on upcoming events and to register as a volunteer/participant.

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