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The Grant Park Conservancy began with an informal meeting of neighbors. As the City of Atlanta involved residents in the development of a Grant Park Master Plan, these neighbors came together to form a Conservancy to assist the city with implementation of the updated Master Plan and to provide for the on-going protection, care, maintenance and beautification of Grant Park.

The first organizational meeting for the Conservancy was held in May 1998.

September 1998 - The Grant Park Neighborhood Association donated the proceeds of an annual neighborhood party/celebration, The Moth Ball, to the Conservancy ($6000 raised). Proceeds from the 1999 Moth Ball also designated to the Conservancy.

November 1998 - First Clean Up/General Maintenance/Mulching event sponsored by
The Conservancy. Thirty residents participated in planting flowers, mulching, trash pick up. Tree experts from ArborGuard on hand to provide helpful tips on pruning/winterizing yards.

November 1998 - Articles of Incorporation filed with the Secretary of State, State of Georgia, to begin official organization.

January 1999 - Organization incorporated in the State of Georgia under the name Grant Park Conservancy, Inc.

February 1999 - Grant Park Conservancy becomes a pro bono client of Powell, Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy LLP.

March 1999 - First Planning Retreat (held at Zoo Atlanta); included Conservancy members, Zoo Atlanta, Trees Atlanta, Historic Oakland Foundation.

April 1999 - Spring planting and clean up in conjunction with Park Pride Atlanta and Hands On Atlanta.

May 1999 - Worked with Councilman Vern McCarty for official adoption of the Grant Park Master Plan by Atlanta City Council.

July 1999 - Submission of first grant proposal Urban Resources Partnership.

September 1999 - Moth Ball 1999 proceeds donated to Grant Park Conservancy.

October 1999 - Kick Off of Fall for Spring in Grant Park”

January to March 2000 - 300 trees/shrubs planted, 360 cubic yards of mulch deposited, more than 200 volunteers involved.

March 2000 - The Grant Park Conservancy initiated and completed negotiations with Zoo Atlanta, the Cyclorama, MARTA, City Council, Parks Bureau, Department of Planning, Department of Traffic/Transportation and The Grant Park Neighborhood Association to permanently close the park to through-traffic. Roadways are now dedicated to pedestrian use.

April 2000 - Draper & Associates (consulting) assists with planning, prioritization, focus.

September 2000 - Conservancy receives official letter of designation from the IRS recognizing the organization as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Arborguard, the tree specialists, agree to provide a pro bono species age and health assessment of trees in the park (November/December).

October 2000 - 75 Hands On Atlanta Volunteers attend workday in the park.

November 2000 - Georgia Tech TEAM Buzz attends workday in the park.

November 2000 - Conservancy initiates an intra-park coordination group; Zoo Atlanta, Cyclorama, Recreation, Maintenance, Police.

November 2000 to March 2001 - Charter Membership Campaign.

January 2001 - One for Chipper Christmas Tree Recycling in the park.

January 2001 - Conservancy initiates Tree Relocation Project to move trees from the Fifth Runway right-of-way at Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport to Grant Park.

February 2001 - Conservancy begins “First Saturday Workday” program in the park.

February 2001 - Volunteer Technology Committee takes Conservancy website live, www.gpconservancy.org.

February 2001 - 150 volunteers from the Conservancy, Hands On Atlanta, Park Pride Atlanta, Trees Atlanta, and Zoo Atlanta gathered in the park to plant 80 trees and enjoy an Arbor Day Celebration.

February 2001 - Grant Park Neighborhood Association approves committee request for proceeds of 2001 Moth Ball to be designated to Conservancy playground restoration effort.

February 2001 - Conservancy receives $30,000 grant from the Urban Resources Partnership/Georgia Forestry Commission in support tree relocation project

March 2001 - Students from Westminster Schools participate in volunteer workday. 75 dogwood seedlings installed.

March 2001 - Students from Georgia State University School of Law participate in volunteer workday. 50 white oak seedlings installed.

March 2001 - Georgia Tech Inter-Fraternity Council brings 230 volunteers to the park for a day of clean-up, mulching, planting and prepping trees for spring.

March 2001 - Carter & Associates facilitates the relocation of trees from Lindbergh Mixed Use Development to Grant Park.

March 2001 - Charter Membership Campaign attains goal of 119 members – one for each of the park’s 119 years.

April 2001 - Hands-On-Atlanta, Accenture and the Grant Park Conservancy conduct Green Day Activities (28th)- 85 volunteers on hand to mulch, plant and clean.

April 2001 - Grant Park Conservancy receives $25,000 grant from the Waterfall Foundation, Inc. to support tree relocation project.

May 2001 - First Saturday Work Days Continue with heavy mulching and flower planting.

May 2001 - Weekly watering of new trees (relocated from Hartsfield Airport and Lindbergh Mixed Use Development.) Cooperative agreement with Trees Atlanta for loan of water tank and truck each week.

May 2001 - Conservancy participates in the National Conference of the National Association of Olmsted Parks (Boston, MA). Board Member, Rick Jones, represents the Conservancy.

June 2001 - Conservancy volunteers install two new flower beds.

June 2001 - 450 cubic yards of mulch is donated (30 trucks).

June 2001 - Newsletter committee formed; designer and editing consultant hired to develop first official Conservancy Newsletter.

June 2001 - Campaign workers for Cathy Woolard, candidate for Atlanta City Council President, gather in the park to plant and clean in support of the Conservancy.

July 2001 - Sheth Family Foundation provides $2500 gift for organizational infrastructure and capacity building and a $2500 pledge for plantings.

July 2001 - First Conservancy Newsletter published.

September 2001 - Proceeds from 2001 MothBall ($7,000) are directed to the Conservancy for playground restoration.

October 2001 - Conservancy receives $10,000 matching grant from the Georgia Preservation Society. Division to conduct a feasibility study on the restoration of two fountains.

November 2001 - Conservancy receives award from the Georgia Urban Forest Council as the 2001 Outstanding Civic Organization. The Conservancy was recognized for its efforts to relocate trees from Hartsfield Airport. Conservancy is adopted by a marketing/research/advertising agency, ComGroup, to plan an awareness campaign.

December 2001 - Over 1000 volunteers worked more than 4000 hours during the year. 600+ plantings installed, 70+ truck loads of mulch secured and distributed.

January 2002 - Fundraising begins for Fountain Restoration matching dollars.

February 2002 - Conservancy celebrates one year anniversary of First Saturday Work Day program designed to involve people in the care and maintenance of the park and build their commitment to the park.

February 2002 - Conservancy celebrates Arbor Day with Trees Atlanta, Park Pride, Zoo Atlanta and Others; over 150 volunteers plant 50 trees, distribute 12 truckloads of mulch.

February 2002 - Conservancy dedicates White Oak and engraved stone in memory of September 11 victims.

March 2002 - Rex Nursery donates 15-20 one year old trees from nursery stock and installs them in the park (4 magnolias, 1 bald cypress, 1 trident maple, 6 red maples and 5 oaks).

March 2002 - Two hundred volunteers from Georgia Tech Panhellenic Council and Georgia Tech Honor Society plant trees, mulch, clean and bed down new trees.

April 2002 - Hands On Atlanta Green Day – 100 volunteers work to improve the park.

April 2002 - Evening reception at the Milledge Fountain “Moonlight On Milledge.”

May 2002 - Deloitte IMPACT Day held in Grant Park with more than 200 employees helping to plant 150 shrubs, distribute mulch, clean the park, paint park entrance gates, water proof benches, clean area around the Erskine Fountain and the Milledge Fountain, plant flowers.

June 2002 - Grant Park Conservancy awarded $150,000 green space initiative grant by the Arthur Blank Family Foundation.

July 2002 - Grant Park Conservancy hosts first meeting of stakeholders including Bureau of Parks, Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Bureau of Recreation, Office of Special Events, Atlanta Police – Zone 3, City Council District 1 representative, Zoo Atlanta, Aquatics. The Conservancy hopes to open dialogue/raise issues and seek solutions.

August 2002 - GPTV visits Grant Park volunteer work day to film a segment for “Georgia Outdoors”. The segment highlights volunteers and communities making a difference in their environment.

September 2002 - In partnership with the Georgia Center for NonProfits and funded through the Arthur Blank Family Foundation, the Conservancy begins an organizational assessment and strategic planning process.

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