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In the Park

First Official Grant Park Native Plant Rescue

Author: Todd Morrell

The first official Grant Park Native Plant Rescue was a resounding success! It was a stunning February day on which the mercury biy the upper 60s. We rescued over 70 ferns, 48 of which were immediately planted in "the Spring" area of Grant Park. We also rescued and then planted two mature climbing hydrangeas adjacent to the Christmas tree berm. Do you know how to tell climbing hydrangea from poison ivy? If you were on this rescue, you do now!

Plenty of hard work was had by all, but much ws seen and learned on this day. Walter, our Native Plant Society guide shared his vast knowledge. Mark showed us how to roll up a mat of Christmas Fern, and then how to haul it uphill! Amy found and rescued some wonderful specimens of foam flower, and Susan's sharp eye kept us busy with many small but special finds.

I write this dog-tired. To you rescuers: Thank you Thank you! Get some rest, and enjoy that great feeling that our work will be enjoyed by many in the approaching Spring season. Along with that season will spring forth many now-dormant natives to be seen on one of our upcoming rescues. Join us March 16 (9:00 a.m.) for our next rescue excursion.

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