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Construction on a new retention pond will take another 12 months to complete. Situated just northeast of the Cyclorama, the official "closing of the valve" was held on July 5. Siloam Spring, one of five natural springs that once flowed to the surface and then into Lake Abana, is still alive and producing 1000+ gallons of pure fresh cold water each day. The spring head is east of the pavilions but the water is flowing into our new retention pond.

The valve, which is installed to allow for ease of draining and maintenance, is now closed. Because of the frequent rains and constant flow of spring water, the pond filled to standard pool in less than two weeks.
Construction crews installed a six-foot chainlink fence around the perimeter of the pond to protect park visitors from unstable banks and muds. The fence will remain in place for the next 8 months to 1 year to allow the Conservancy time to install plantings, allow banks to stabilize and pond waters to settle.
Have an idea of a name for the pond? Forward your ideas to the Conservancy.

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