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In the Park

The first official Grant Park Native Plant Rescue was a resounding success! Do you know how to tell climbing hydrangea from poison ivy? If you were on this rescue, you do now! If you don't, then maybe you should participate in our next native plant rescue March 16.
On October 4, 2003, more than 400 volunteers from Home Depot and the Grant Park neighborhood gathered in the park to install a new playground. 3 p.m. the structure was complete. A short dedication ceremony was held during which Home Depot employees dedicated an oak tree to a co-worker recently lost to illness. Atlanta City Council Member Carla Smith proclaimed the day, Grant Park Conservancy Day in Atlanta to celebrate the new playground.
Take a walk through the shaded pathways and carriageways of historical Grant Park. Atlanta's oldest city park was donated to the city by Col. Lemuel Pratt Grant May 17, 1883. The deed was recorded in Fulton County on May 26, 1883.
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