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Help Us Support the Full Beltline Loop in its own right of way

Grant Park and Fellow Atlanta Residents,

We are asking you today to advocate for prioritization of the Full Beltline Loop LRT (Light Rail Transit) bidirectionally, in its own right of way.

The Plan More MARTA was working from was supported by City Council in 2016, and only focused on the right of way that the City of Atlanta owned at that time. It’s now 2018 and things have changed drastically. The City of Atlanta now owns the SE quadrant of the Beltline right of way (the old CSX Sand line). CSX has filed notice with the Surface Transportation Board to Abandon 2.04 miles of the Kudzu Line in NW Atlanta and the exemption will go into effect on July 27th, 2018. The City of Atlanta is actively pursuing the purchase of that line right now. With all these things happening it is the right time to Prioritize Full Beltline Loop LRT bidirectionally, in its own right of way.

This route has been #1 or #2 on every public Survey, Poll** or list that the Public has weighed in on since the early 2000’s as well. 

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEND A LETTER  to the MARTA Board, More MARTA Committee, and AGM Planner Ben Limmer!


**Beltline Transit Surveys and Polls:
Expand MARTA Fact Sheet From 2016-Showing Full Beltline Loop coming from MARTA:
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