Citizen CourtWatch Witnesses Update

CourtWatch Update from September 18, 2013

Update from previous request for neighbors to be CourtWatch Witnesses


Subject: CourtWatch UPDATE: Ronald Lockett Hearing 

Good Morning CourtWatchers!

THANK YOU ALL for making time in your schedule yesterday to advocate for your community and participate in Citizens' CourtWatch on the case of Ronald Lockett. YOUR PRESENCE DEFINITELY MADE A DIFFERENCE!

I will be sending out a general update notice following this one, but wanted to first reach out to the attendees to follow-up with you on the outcome.

As you know, Community Prosecutor Keith Lamar arranged with the defense attorney to present the Lockett case before Judge Lovett at 10:00am; essentially, to be the first case heard following the calendar call. However, due to the fluid nature of proceedings, we had to wait beyond this time for the hearing to begin. And you waited, patiently. So I wish to first thank you for your patience, as I know many of you carved out a specific amount of time to be in court based on that expectation.

Once the hearing was underway, community impact statements were offered by Chris Newman (Grant Park) and Jackson Faw (Peoplestown). Special thanks to these gentlemen for their vital and valued contributions!

The case was resolved with the defendant sentenced to 5 years to serve 8 months, at an in-custody drug treatment program in South Georgia. Until his spot is open at the treatment facility (approx. 30-60 days), he will remain in jail. His time begins when he starts the program. After finishing the program (6-8 months) he will complete the remainder of his sentence on probation where he is mandated to aftercare monitoring, including daily reporting. He is banned from the City of Atlanta.

So, Mr. Lockett will not be around the neighborhood for a while. And, should he decide to visit when becomes available, an officer can pick him up on violation of his probation.

I applaud and congratulate each of you for stepping up and being a part of the solution! Considering the outcome could have included a return of the defendant to the community, I am convinced your presence definitely made a difference.

We are now gearing up for the case on Defendant Allen Goddard (Entering Auto, Theft by Taking), who also has an extensive criminal history. Keith has noted Goddard was previously arrested for similar charges and released on bond a mere 2 days before he was arrested for the same thing again(!!!). Stay tuned for CourtWatch dates...

I'm glad we are working together to keep repeat offenders from practicing in our communities. Feel free to contact me or Keith with any questions you may have.

Thank you for being the "Eyes and Ears of the Community in Court."

Reiko E. Ward
Citizens' CourtWatch Coordinator
Zone 4 Community Prosecution Unit
Office of the Fulton County District Attorney
136 Pryor Street, Third Floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
(404) 699-5297 Office
(404) 699-5279 Fax


CourtWatch Witnesses Needed

You are the best advocate for your community, and your presence makes a difference! Make sure you receive your free parking pass by notifying Citizens' CourtWatch Coordinator Reiko Ward of your intent to attend by Sept. 16th. See the notice below for more details and share the information with your neighbors!

Citizens' CourtWatch Notice:
Bond Arraignment Hearing for
Zone 6 REPEAT OFFENDER Ronald Lockett

When: Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 9am
Where: Fulton County Courthouse
185 Central Avenue
Judge Walter Lovett, Courtroom To Be Announced (Meet at 1C)

Facts: On August 14, 2013 Defendant Ronald Lockett was observed by police entering a "Bait Car" vehicle parked on Hilliard Street in Northeast Atlanta. The defendant entered the passenger side door of the undercover car and removed items from the car, including a laptop. Defendant Lockett was subsequently detained and arrested by the officer who witnessed the theft.

Note: This offense was committed in the Zone 6 community which has recently experienced a crime wave, including many larcenies.

Special Note: *** Defendant Lockett is a career criminal with a criminal history of 114 arrests (!!!). At this September 18th Bond Arraignment Hearing, it is anticipated the Defendant will enter a plea and the defense attorney will request the judge to give the Defendant a bond. THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE WILL BE OPPOSING ANY REQUEST FOR BOND. The presence and support of the community is greatly appreciated.

If you plan to attend this CourtWatch date please contact Citizens' CourtWatch Coordinator Reiko Ward at 404-699-5297 or[email protected] .

Keith Lamar
Assistant District Attorney
Zone 6 Community Prosecutor
[email protected]


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