GPNA Meeting Minutes - 2013, July 16

GPNA Meeting Minutes
July 2013
Date:                                                   July 16, 2013
Time:                                                   7:36 pm to 8:25 pm
Location:                                            ARC Building, Coca-Cola World Theater, Zoo Atlanta
Officers Present:                               Lauren Rocereta, President
                                                            Jeff Rogers, Vice President
                                                            Michelle Botwick, Treasurer
                                                            Kimberly Gibson, Secretary
                                                            Rick Hudson, Land Use & Zoning Committee Chair
                                                            Paul Simo, Historic Committee Chair
                                                            Robert Greenage, Parks & Recreation Committee Chair
                                                            Louie Ingle, Transportation Committee Chair
7:34 pm            Meeting Commenced
President, Lauren Rocereta
  • Welcomed everyone and instructed people to make sure they sign in
  • Explained the agenda and open floor rules
  • Thank you to the zoo for allowing the use of the building
  • Explained voting eligibility
  • Next meeting is Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 7:30pm
  • New member welcome and introductions
    • Zoo Atlanta
      • Rent the zoo for parties or events, evening or day, indoor or out (10% off rental fee for GPNA)
 Secretary, Kimberly Gibson
  • Minutes from June 2013 meeting were presented
 Treasurer, Michelle Botwick
  • Advised of 501 (c)(3) status , $51,051.56 (13k positive this year so far), two donations: CrimeStoppers and Grant Park Ambassadors
 President, Lauren Rocereta
  • Prosecutor, Keith Lamar
    • [email protected]
    • Case against Damien Hurt, entering auto (no record), given diversion program and $300 restitution
  • Zone 6 Officer SImmons for evening watch
    • If suspicious activity is seen - report it so that a record can be kept which enables better tracking of troubled areas
    • Car break-ins are down, a pedestrian robbery recently occurred so be observant when out at night
    • Report code violations to Major Davis
  • Neighbors brought concerns about barOne to NPU-W
  • Explanation of the Grant Park Neighborhood Watch
  • Grant Park Safety Patrol – neighborhood patrol consists of five (5) officers doing 30 hours a week.
Land Use and Zoning Committee Chair, Rick Hudson
  • 800 Glenwood and special administrative permit, pre-emptive rezoning submitted by Carla Smith
  • Aug 8 at 6pm Zoning Review Board meeting at City Hall. (please attend and show support of Beltline Master Plan)
  • Next meeting is Aug 1 at 7pm
  • Jonathon, City Planner – working to implement the master plan to change zoning of underlining districts, review of supplied documents, maps show two areas in Grant Park proper (Trestle Tree North and Grant St). Meetings Aug 12 and Sept 9
 Vice President, Jeff Rogers
  • Passed around sign-up and volunteer sheet, make sure info is correct
  • Advised contact info for committee chairs and officers can be found on the Agenda
President, Lauren Rocereta
  • Fundraising – Mothball committee to meet every two weeks at Ziba’s
 Transportation Committee Chair, Louie Ingle
  • Explanation of committee’s purpose
  • Next meeting Aug 25
  • Traffic calming issues of concern right now
Parks and Recreation Committee Chair, Robert Greenage
  • Event updates on
  • Peach Jam was a success
  • If vehicles are scene in the park please alert the police
  • Grant Park Ambassadors need volunteers ([email protected])
  • Conservancy is partnering with GPPN for a bulletin board at the playground
  • Police are working to curb the illegal activities taking place at night at the Milledge Fountain
  • Increased homeless in the park so they are working with the Path team and United Way to assist
  • Lighting survey completed and map was submitted to the city
  • Board meeting is July 24 at 6:30
  • Halloween Lantern Parade will take place on Oct 26
  • Summer Shade Festival will take place Aug 24-25
  • Dan Chandler, co-chair of Summer Shade Festival, states volunteers are needed for the 11th annual
    • Motion for support of the event, seconded and moved without opposition
  • Fran Carol – 3rd annual Fried Kickin’ Kickball Tournament on Aug 3rd (
 President, Lauren Rocereta
  • Economic Development committee nothing to report
 Historic Committee Chair, Paul Simo
  • A few COA’s
  • Grant Park is part of the local and national historic distritct
  • 696 Oakland – architect is working to design a home on the exact footprint left, design to be in accordance to the historic area
  • Preservation Minute: Paint on house – oil and latex do not mix so first test to see which is present before repainting your home. A quick test is to use a Qtip or rag dipped in denatured alcohol and if the paint gets gummy or rubs off when it comes in contact then it’s latex but if not then it’s oil
  • Battle of Atlanta events are on-going across town
 June meeting minutes were brought forth for approval, seconded and approved without opposition
Open Floor Discussion:
  • Grant Park Criterium on Aug 18, bike race & family oriented
  • Chelsea Kelly Love, has a Zumba class for toddlers and parents (2½ - 5) on Aug 6 at 10 am at Grant Park Rec Center
  • Tom Tidwell is running for Atlanta Board of Education seat
  • Andre Dickens is running for Atlanta City Council,
  • Mark’s home stay for host families
  • Monthly meetings for the electric vehicle club of the south
  • Drawing for The Drafting Table gift card ($25)
Motion for meeting adjournment made, seconded and approved without opposition.
8:25 pm            Meeting Adjourned