GPNA Monthly Meeting Minutes

GPNA Meeting Minutes - 2014, May 20

GPNA Meeting Minutes
May 2014
Date:                                                 May 20, 2014
Time:                                                 7:36 pm to 8:48 pm
Location:                                           ARC Building, Coca-Cola World Theater, Zoo Atlanta
Officers Present:                               Lauren Rocereta - President

                                                           Jeffrey Rogers – Vice President
                                                           Kristin Andris - Secretary
                                                           Michelle Botwinick - Treasurer
                                                           Rob Bernier – Economic Development
                                                           Angelique Dumas Edwards – Grant Park Parents Network
                                                           Kelly Tenedini - Fundraising
                                                           Chris Newman - Public Safety
7:36 pm            Meeting Commenced
President, Lauren Rocereta
  • Welcomed everyone, explained the agenda and open floor rules, and voting eligibility
  • Thank you to Zoo Atlanta for allowing the use of the building for the meeting
  • Next meeting is Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at 7:30pm
  • New member welcome and introductions
  • Rob Bernier welcomed Harden Goldenberg, Smart Space, the featured business of the month
  • Motion to move Friends of Grant Park Pool under the Grant Park Conservancy was approved unanimously
Vice President
  • Passed around sign-up and volunteer sheet, make sure info is correct
  • Advised new members to check in or sign in
Secretary, Kristin Andris
  • Minutes from April 2014 meeting were presented
Treasurer, Michelle Botwinick
  • Revenue has increased lately, thanks to new ways to donate.
  • Register your Kroger card so that GPNA can benefit from Kroger Community Rewards.
GPPN, Angelique Dumas Edwards
School Updates
  • Parkside Elementary
    • School wide Art Show - Tuesday, May 19, 2014 at 5:30 p.m.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School
  • King and Coan Middle Schools will be merged. King is being renovated to accommodate.
    • Motion approved unanimously for GPNA to send letter of support in keeping King Natatorium open.
  • Wesley International
    • PTSA was awarded the GA PTA Visionary Award for having over 400 members.
    • 15 students are participating in an emersion program in China. 
Neighborhood Events Update
  • Music Mondays to be held every other Monday beginning on May 5th through September
  • GPPN Yard Sale Fundraiser, May 3, 8-2pm, $25 registration fee,
  • Yard sale at your house. Keep the money you make. GPPN creates the yard sale map!
  • GPPN 2014 Summer Social Potluck, June 21, 5-9 pm
  • Playgroups: create an account at and choose a playgroup
Parks & Recreation
  • Designs are being discussed for Ormond-Grant Park update.  Learn more at upcoming Parks & Recreation Committee Meetings.
Fundraising Chair, Kelly Tenedini
  • Tour of Homes generated pproximately $6,000.
  • First Mothball Committee Meeting will be held Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at Ziba’s Bistro, 7 pm.
Economic Development Committee Chair, Rob Bernier
  • Graphic designers needed for Memorial Drive initiative.
Public Safety Committee Chair, Chris Newman
  • Trestle Tree’s new management is committed to improvement.  Learn more at Public Safety Committee meetings.
  • GPNA Public Safety Committee and GPSP will host a class to review firearm laws and personal safety tips. 6/21/14, time is TBD
  • Four arrests have been made in last month.
  • Zone 6 update
Land Use and Zoning Committee Chair, Rick Hudson
  • 800 Glenwood Avenue has been rezoned to PDMU.  This will allow for development to be built in accordance to compromise made between developers, GPNA, and SAND.
Historic Committee Report, Lauren Rocereta
  • 289 Little Street has been recognized for renovation, in which Paul Simo, GPNA Historic Chair, played a significant role.
Open Floor Discussion:
  • All are invited to 10th Annual Memorial Day pool party, 2 to 4 pm
  • The community garden may be getting additional land on corner of Boulevard and Robinson. 
Motion for meeting minutes to be accepted as written, seconded and passed unanimously.
8:48 pm            Meeting Adjourned