GPNA Meeting Minutes - 2014, October 21

GPNA Meeting Minutes
October 2014
Date:                                                 October 21, 2014
Time:                                                 7:36 pm to 9:10 pm
Location:                                           ARC Building, Coca-Cola World Theater, Zoo Atlanta               

Officers Present:                             Lauren Rocereta - President                                                                

7:36 pm            Meeting Commenced
President, Lauren Rocereta
  • Welcomed everyone, explained the agenda and open floor rules, and voting eligibility
  • Thank you to Zoo Atlanta for allowing the use of the building for the meeting
  • Next meeting is Tuesday, November, 18, 2014 at 7:30pm
  • New member welcome and introductions
  • Featured Business: Eventide Brewery
  • 2015 Officer/Chair nomination period has ended
  • Volunteer is also needed to lead Neighborhood Watch efforts
  • Doc Chey's Breakfast with Santa $100 Grant Request was approved unanimously
  • $250 check was presented to Parkside Elementary; $500 check presented to Nicholas House
  • Paul Simo, Historic Chair, was presented with gift for work done on Tour of Homes
Vice President, Jeffrey Rogers
  • Passed around sign-up and volunteer sheet, make sure info is correct
  • Advised new members to check in or sign in
  • Bylaws Ad-hoc Committee Update: Changes were presented and will be voted upon in November
    • Change to Section 5.02(a) - President may appoint liasons to communicate updates from other organizations
    • Remove Section 6.02(b), the "Parks and Recreation Committee"
    • Change Section 6.02(d), the name of "Historic Committee" to "Homes and History Committee"
    • Remove Section 6.02(f), the "GPPN Committee" under GPNA
    • Change Section 6.02(j), the name "Transportation and Transit Committee" to "Transportation Committee
  • If you have a GPNA meeting reminder yard sign, please email Jeffrey at [email protected]
Secretary, Kristin Andris
  • Minutes from September 2014 meeting will be presented in November
School Updates, Katie Howard Neighborhood Events Update, Katie Howard Parks & Recreation, Marie Mower
  • Ormond-Grant Park Dine-out at Six Feet Under will be held 10/28/14
  • Conservancy has installed an informational kiosk at Fort Walker, which has also received a new cannon historical marker
  • Conservancy Lantern Parade on October 24
Fundraising, Lauren Rocereta
  • Mothball will be on November 8th. Tickets available at $30 in advance; $40 at door.
Economic Development Committee Chair, Rob Bernier
  • Justin Draper, Dance 411, -- Community outreach projects bring dance, music, and art to community and schools
Public Safety Committee Chair, Chris Newman Land Use and Zoning, Rick Hudson
  • Motion approved unanimously to support redesign of 776 Mercer
  • Motion approved unanimously to support 860 Glenwood SAP (the multifamily portion of 800 Glenwood project).
  • Wade Ingram: Imagine Memorial -
    • Project is facilitating communication among key stakeholders of Memorial
    • Accepting input from neighbors, which they will take to meeting
    • Exploring ideas to improve pedestrian experience by possibly lowering speed limit or improving intersections
Historic, Paul Simo
  • Woodward property post-renovation cocktail party, Tues, Dec 9
Open Floor Discussion:
  • GPNA is seeking wood workers to help make sunbursts. 
  • Eco-Depot to be held on November 8
  • Grant Park Gun Club to meet on October 22
9:10 pm            Meeting Adjourned

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