GPNA Meeting Minutes - 2014, November 18

GPNA Meeting Minutes
November 2014
Date:                                                 November 18, 2014
Time:                                                 7:36 pm to 9:10 pm
Location:                                           ARC Building, Coca-Cola World Theater, Zoo Atlanta               

Officers Present:                             Lauren Rocereta - President                                                                

7:36 pm       Meeting Commenced
President, Lauren Rocereta
  • Welcomed everyone, explained the agenda and open floor rules, and voting eligibility
  • Thank you to Zoo Atlanta for allowing the use of the building for the meeting
  • Next meeting is Tuesday, December, 16, 2014 at 7:30pm
  • New member welcome and introductions
  • 2015 Election of GPNA Officers
    • Lauren Rocereta, President
    • Jeffrey Rogers, Vice-President
    • Kristin Andris, Secretary
    • Michelle Botwinick, Treasurer
    • Rob Bernier, Economic Development Committee Chair
    • Geoff Roper, Fundraising Committee Chair (write-in candidate)
    • Paul Simo, History and Homes Committee Chair
    • Rick Hudson, Land Use and Zoning Committee Chair
    • Kim Holland, Philanthropic Committee Chair
    • Chris Newman, Public Safety Committee Chair
    • Stephanie Warner, Technology Committee Chair
    • Jim Voris, Transportation Committee Chair
  • Rob Bernier: Announcement that Mothball raised $9,000
  • Due to good fundraising year, membership approved unanimously $750 grants to each of five schools (Parkside, ANCS, Wesleyan, King, and Maynard Jackson)
  • Membership approved unanimously a $1,500 grant to Grant Park Security Patrol
  • City Council Member Carla Smith: Distributed refrigerator magnets that explain recycling
  • Leslie Grant, Atlanta BOE, announced that the Atlanta Public School System will be submitting an application to become a Charter School System
Vice President, Jeffrey Rogers Secretary, Kristin Andris Treasurer, Michelle Botwinick
  • Very strong year financially, thanks to fundraisers and support of neighbors
  • Strong position allows us to give grants to schools and Grant Park Security Patrol
Neighborhood Events Update, Paige Teusink Parks & Recreation, Marie Mower
  • Ormond-Grant Park Holiday Social on December 6
  • Grant Park Conservancy Update:
    • New lights to be installed by end of year
    • Last day of Farmer's Market is November 21st
    • Visit Conservancy's website at
Economic Development Committee Chair, Rob Bernier
  • SEABA Soiree: Thursday, 12/18/14, 5:30 pm, Milltown Arms Tavern, 180 Carroll St
  • Living! Memorial! - Memorial Drive initiative is in the works to promote Memorial Drive
  • Eventide Pint Night - Buy Eventide beer and keep the glass on 12/3/14 at Grant Central Pizza
Public Safety Committee Chair, Chris Newman
  • Report streetlights that are out.  Information available on
  • Sgt. Davis, Mounted Patrol - Trick or Treating with horses was a success; come visit mounted patrol stable
  • Brad Nevin, Grant Park Neighborhood Watch
    • Meeting to be held on Saturday, December 13, 10 am, Grant Park Rec Center
    • Sign up with neighborhood watch to keep an eye on your block
  • Zone 6 update
    • Lt. Desmond Floyd, [email protected], (404) 371-5002
      • Officers are doing a foot beat, where they will be walking the neighborhood and introducing themselves
      • Officers are working overtime for the holiday season to help with crime increase that comes during holidays
      • BOLO for silver Honda Accord and Black Chevy Tahoe (partial Cobb tag BZL1)
      • Tips for personal safety: use home alarm, keep cars clean, don't leave cars running unattended, get a tracking ap on your phone in case of theft, don't be distracted by your electronic device while walking around neighborhood, be aware of your surroundings
      • Donate new, unwrapped toys for toy drive. Donations can be made at 2025 Hosea Williams between Nov 12 - Dec 17
Land Use and Zoning, Rick Hudson
  • Cherokee Lots update
Historic, Paul Simo Open Floor Discussion:  
9:10 pm            Meeting Adjourned