Date:                                                    October 20, 2015
Time:                                                   7:32 pm to 8:57 pm
Location:                                             ARC Building, Coca-Cola World Theater, Zoo Atlanta               
Officers Present:                            Lauren Rocereta - President
                                                          Jeffrey Rogers - Vice President
                                                          Kristin Andris - Secretary                                                          Rob Bernier – Economic Development
                                                          Paul Simo - Homes and History                                                           Kim Holland - Philanthropic
                                                          Stephanie Warner - Technology
                                                          Jim Vorix - Transportation

7:32 pm            Meeting Commenced
President, Lauren Rocereta
  • Welcomed everyone, explained the agenda and open floor rules, and voting eligibility
  • Thank you to Zoo Atlanta for allowing the use of the building for the meeting
  • Next meeting is Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at 7:30pm
  • New member welcome and introductions
  • Stephanie Warner: Ormond-Grant Park will get new park. It will be ADA accessible and dog friendly
  • Elections for GPNA officers and NPU-W Reps will be held in November
  • Brad Nevin & Amanda Pellerin: Neighborhood Watch
    • Sign up to be a block captain by emailing [email protected]
    • Tour of 911 Center is being organized
    • You can take dinner to Fire Station 10. Volunteer page will be set up through neighborhood watch's new website. Stay tuned!
    • Travis Johnson: Rec Center Update
      • Offers adult programs including dance, spin, and fitness
      • Outdoor basketball courts have received a grant from the Atlanta Hawks program. They are being redone with new bleachers
      • Computer classes for adults on Mondays from 7-8 pm until Nov. 30
  • Education
    • Maynard Jackson High School: Stephanie Johnson
      • Zombie Apocalypse on Oct. 23 & 24 - benefit for Maynard Jackson
      • Christmas tree sale fundraiser
    • Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School: Thank you to those who supported yard sale and fall festival!
    • King Middle School
      • King Middle School will have a career day on Nov. 19.
      • King is hosting math competitions for middle and now elementary school APS students
  • Grant Park Conservancy Update
    • Applying for Park Pride grant for Milledge Fountain
    • Lantern Parade, Oct. 23, 6 pm
  • GPPN Update, Kristen Silton
Vice President, Jeffrey Rogers
  • Passed around sign-up and volunteer sheet, make sure info is correct
  • Advised new members to check in or sign in
  • If you have a GPNA meeting reminder yard sign, please email Jeffrey at [email protected]
Secretary, Kristin Andris
  • Presented minutes from September 2015
Philanthropic, Kim Holland
  • Update on Ms. Waller's Porch, 983 Cherokee Ave. 
  • Southwest Christian Fellowship is hosting a clothing drive for Center for Working Families
  • Motion approved unanimously to give $250 grant to Center for Working Families
  • Center for Working Families Friendraiser on 10/22/15 at 6 pm, 389 Ormond St.
Economic Development Committee Chair, Rob Bernier
  • Grant Park Grinchy Gathering, December 10, 6-8 p.m., Ziba's Bistro
Public Safety Committee Chair, Chris Newman
  • You can volunteer for neighborhood watch by emailing [email protected] 
  • Zone 6 APD update - Major Peake
    • There have been some armed roberies and car jackings. Three have been arrested and seven have warrants for their arrest
    • Follow cases through citizen's court watch and come to hearings to keep perpetrators off streets
Transportation, Jim Vorix
  • November Transportation Meeting Rescheduled: 11/12/15, 6:30 pm, ARC Bldg Tech Lab
  • PEDS Walking Tour: Effective Low Cost Safety: 10/26/15, 5:15 pm, King Memorial MARTA Statio or 6 pm at Midtown MARTA Station

Homes and History, Paul Simo
  • Review of recent Certificates of Appropriateness
  • Historic regulations rewrite in progress

  • Mothball  will be held on Nov 14 at Rec Center

  • No report

Meeting minutes from September 2015 approved.

Open Floor Discussion:
  • Entries for Porch Press are greatly appreciated. Submit your articles by the 25th of each  month
  • Reminder to not leave your car running in drive way unattended. Many cars are stolen when people leave them running in mornings to heat them up.
  • NPU reps are needed. Contact Lauren at [email protected] to volunteer.

8:57 pm - Meeting Adjourned

GPNA Committee Minutes