Date:                                                    May 17, 2016
Time:                                                   8:00 pm to 9:15 pm
Location:                                             ARC Building, Coca-Cola World Theater, Zoo Atlanta               
Officers Present:                            Lauren Rocereta - President
                                                          Jeffrey Rogers - Vice President
                                                          Kristin Andris - Secretary
                                                        Rob Bernier – Economic Development
                                                         Rick Hudson - Land Use & Zoning                                                           Tom Merandi - Philanthropic
                                                          Stephanie Warner - Technology
                                                          David Lively - Transportation

7:32 pm            Meeting Commenced
President, Lauren Rocereta
  • Welcomed everyone, explained the agenda and open floor rules, and voting eligibility
  • Thank you to Zoo Atlanta for allowing the use of the building for the meeting
  • Next meeting is Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at 7:30pm
  • New member welcome and introductions
  • Motion to accept Mia Pond as Porch Press representative
  • Motion to move to censure of Steve Carr until 2017. Motion approved with 14 in favor, 11 opposed, and 13 abstentions.
  • Rodney Milton, City of Atlanta Office of Planning and City Council Member Carla Smith: LCI Presentation
    • Turner Field update. Next Meeting is Tuesday, June 7
  • Gigi Connor, Grant Park Conservancy Update
  • Shelly Brockkman, Ormond Grant Park Renovation
    • Update on progress. Follow on Facebook to stay tuned.
    • The park received a grant from Park Pride
    • A community event will be held on June 18 for park
  • GPPN Update, Holly Wilhelm
    • Summer Social will be held on June 11
    • Music in the Meadow continues
    • A new playgroup has started for babies born Sept. 1, 2016 - February 28, 2017
Vice President, Jeffrey Rogers
  • Passed around sign-up and volunteer sheet, make sure info is correct
  • Advised new members to check in or sign in
Secretary, Kristin Andris
  • April minutes presented
Economic Development Committee Chair, Rob Bernier
  • No report
Public Safety Committee Chair, Chris Newman
  • Motion to support liquor license applications for Kroger at Glenwood. Motion approved unanimiously.
  • You can volunteer for neighborhood watch by emailing [email protected] 
    • Follow Court Watch to see how you can advocate for your community's safety at trials
  • Zone 6 APD update - Lt. Floyd, Zone 6
    • Update on Crime
  • Ormond-Grant Park pedestrian safety walk-through, May 19, 2016 at 6pm

Land Use and Zoning, Rick Hudson
  • Cherokee Lots Update
  • Historic regulations change in Sub Area 2 of Commercial District: Atlantic Realty. Motion approved unanimously
  • 1039 Grant St. Zoning Condition Changes for Adaptive Reuse. Motion to support approved unanimously
  • Park Pride: Upddate on Lanier Park

  • Tour of Homes is May 21-22

  • Sign up at and follow us on Facebook

Homes & History
  • Review of Historic Districs
  • Preservation Tip: Overview of Historic Districts
  • Boulevard Community Garden Grant: Motion to support approved unanimously
  • New COAs for 670 McDonald St, 780 Woodson St., and 320 Cherokee Place: all approved unanimously.

Open Floor Discussion:
  • Introduction: David Dryer, Candidate for House District 59 with election on May 24
  • Turner Field Update: Rick Hudson

April minutes approved unanimously.

9:15 pm - Meeting Adjourned

GPNA Committee Minutes