The project goal is to restore the Erskine Memorial Fountain and the surrounding site elements to create a public place for all to enjoy. A plan and budget is currently being developed so that restoration can be done in phases, as funds become available. Specific goals include:


Restore the metal fountain, recast missing pieces, and develop a treatment plan to prevent further corrosion. Recreate the original water feature, ideally using reclaimed water.


Clean and treat the marble bench to prevent further erosion.


Address the marble foundation to prevent further settling and cracking.


Restore the granite walls (formerly an entrance to Grant Park), replace missing elements, repair the mortar, and repair the concrete terraces.


Collaborate with the Zoo to create a plan to restore access to the Lake Abana Overlook, which is currently fenced off, overgrown, and unmaintained. The new plan must include protections that ensure zoo security.


Develop a plan for site landscaping, hardscaping, and lighting.


Develop a fundraising plan that includes an endowment to ensure the fountain is maintained.