Hospice Atlanta

Visiting Nurse Health System / Hospice Atlanta provides person-centered hospice and palliative care. In keeping with our core mission, we provide physical, emotional and spiritual support for our patients facing a life-limiting illness, as well as their loved ones. The aim of our hospice and palliative care programs is to provide safety, comfort and dignity during the final stage of life.

Receive Hospice Care at Home or Hospice Atlanta Center

Most patients are cared for in their own home. However, our hospice care team can also care for your loved one in a nursing home, assisted living community, or any place you call home. When the needs of your loved one can be better met in an inpatient setting as determined by a hospice physician, Hospice Atlanta Center in Atlanta, GA, may be appropriate. These stays are short-term and sometimes transitional to control symptoms until your loved one can return home or be comfortably cared for in another setting. Medicare and most insurance plans pay for inpatient stays that are considered medically necessary.

If your loved one chooses to continue receiving hospice care in Hospice Atlanta Center after there is no longer an acute medical need, the cost of room and board becomes the responsibility of the patient and family. Our staff can provide information to help you with these decisions. To learn more about Medicare’s Hospice coverage, see Medicare Hospice Benefits. You may also read more about our Residential Hospice Care program here.


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