Time:                                   7:32 pm to 8:32 pm
Location:                             ARC Building, Coca-Cola World Theater, Zoo Atlanta               
Officers Present:                 Jeffrey Rogers-President
                                            Dr. Michelle Kirby- Vice President
                                            Michelle Botwinick- Treasurer
                                            Laura Keen- Secretary
                                            Stephen L. Powner – Economic Development
                                            Paul Simo - Homes and History
                                            Chris Newman - Public Safety

7:32 pm            Meeting Commenced

President, Jeffrey Rogers
  • Welcome and thanks again to Zoo Atlanta for the use of their space!
  • Please read/review the Housekeeping and Meeting Conduct points above.
  • Welcome to new members: Name, Street and profession; hobby; burning question?
  • Elected Officials SHORT Update (if any are present)
  • Grant Park Conservancy- GPConservancy.org
    • Intern Grant Request ($1,000)
  • Grant Park Parent Network Update- GrantParkParents.org
  • Grant Park Schools
  • Nicolas House
  • Grant Park Happenings
  • Steering Committee Changes
    • Please welcome Amanda Puché as our new Fundraising Cahir
    • Tom Merandi has resigned his position as Philanthropic Chair
    • Please welcome Heidi Reis as our new Philanthropic Chair
Vice President, Dr. Michelle Kirby
  • Passed around sign-up and volunteer sheet, make sure info is correct
  • Advised new members to check in or sign in
  • GPNA meeting signs: contact Michelle if interested
  • Committee Sign-up Sheet; Committee Chair contact info on left
  • No update
  • Report: Current account $63,000
Public Safety Committee Chair, Chris Newman
  • Zone 6 APD update:  Reported crimes are significantly lower now than last year
  • Zone 6 Community Prosecutor: Keith Lamar, [email protected], 404 612-7012
  • Neighborhood Watch Update
  • Memorial Dr. corridor still experiencing vehicle break-ins, leave nothing in your car
  • Beer/Wine/Liquor Permit for Full Commission restaurant in the Larkin building
  • Good neighbor agreement at NPU-W next week
  • NPU-W meets on Wednesday nights
Economic Development, Stephen Powner
  • Sunbursts are $75 and available online, $50 at the GPNA meetings
  • Grant Park Gathering TBD
Homes and History, Paul Simo
  • Historic Design  Regulation Rewrite Update (sub area 2 regs text change)
    • Proposed text change passed
  • Omewood/Lynwood Immediate Neighbor’s Meeting Update
  • New Certificates of Appropriateness (COA's)
    • Eloise and Killian: immediate rezoning of burned apartments. To be replaced with 14 new townhomes and will be proposed at the next LUZ meeting
    • Motion to support design of townhomes 8-8
  • Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month
Technology, Stephanie Warner
  • Sign up at gpna.org and follow us on Facebook
  • Kroger Rewards & Amazon Smile: expire every year, make sure yours is up to date
Philanthropic, Heidi Reis:
  • Nicholas House is always looking for volunteers and donations
  • Tour of Homes Update:
    • $9,375 total sales, over 504 participants
  • Mothball: November 2017 Need volunteers
  • Mothball committee will start soon, please contact Nikkia and Homer Hammonds
Land Use and Zoning, Rick Hudson
  • 350 Memorial drive- O;ld Harp Transmission building Immediate Neighbors meeting June 29th
  • Proposal- 3 story building with roof access
  • LUZ to take up proposal on July 10th, 2017     
Open Floor Discussion:
  • Grant Park Farmers Market is in search of musicians, artists and community groups to volunteer
  • Landscape Design Co- utilize students to make landscape design affordable

8:32 pm - Meeting Adjourned 
GPNA Monthly Meeting Minutes
Minutes201706.pdf (PDF)