GPNA General Membership Monthly Meeting Minutes (approved)    October 17, 2017


Date:                                        October 17, 2017
Time:                                       7:38 pm to 9:05 pm
Location:                                ARC Building, Coca-Cola World Theater, Zoo Atlanta               
Officers Present:         Dr. Michelle Kirby- Vice President

Michelle Botwinick- Treasurer

Laura Keen- Secretary

Stephen L. Powner – Economic Development

Paul Simo - Homes and History

Chris Newman - Public Safety

Rick Hudson- Land Use and Zoning

Heidi Reis- Philanthropic

Stephanie Warner- Technology
Amanda Watkins Puché- Fundraising

            Nikkia and Homer Hammonds- Mothball


7:38 pm            Meeting Commenced

Vice President, Dr. Michelle Kirby

  • Welcome and thanks again to Zoo Atlanta for the use of their space!

  • Please read/review the Housekeeping and Meeting Conduct points above.

  • Open Nominations for 2018 GPNA:

    • Ron Hatch nominated himself for Vice President

    • Jim Vorris nominated himself for LUZ zoning chair- and proposed that for contested positions, each candidate give a speech prior to voting

  • Welcome to new members: Name, Street and profession; hobby; burning question?

  • Elected Officials’ SHORT Update (if any are present)

    • Carla Smith:

      • Mayor Reed has put a hold on the Gateway parking deck project for now. He is requesting several meetings with neighbors before continuing project. As soon as the meetings are announced they will be communicated by Carla’s office

      • Bill Kennedy and Faith Ave: the intersection by the Chick-Fil-a, in February 2017 a traffic study determined that a light was needed. Meeting on this light will be held at Vickery’s on 10/18 at 5:30

      • Mayor Reed has also announced a street renaming commission to identify streets that might be insensitively named. Confederate Avenue will be investigated and Carla requested the input from GPNA Homes and History committee to understand the historic nature of the streets of interest

    • Grant Park Conservancy (

      • Milledge fountain restoration is almost complete- Ribbon cutting ceremony on November 1st at 6 pm

      • Lantern Parade is October 20th and will start at the Milledge Fountain. Lanterns are on sale at Adams Realty and Dakota Blue

    • Grant Park Parent Network Update – Holly Wilhelm (

      • Parade and Fun zone on October 28th at 4pm

  • Grant Park Schools

    • ANCS Fall Festival is October 21st from 12-3

  • Grant Park Neighborhood’s Park Happenings

    • 2017 Grant Park Farmers Market – Every Sunday, 9a – 1p, April – December

  • Historic Oakland Cemetery

    • Capturing the Spirit of Oakland Halloween Tours, October 20 – 28, 5:30 – 10:30 p.m

  • Grant Park Community Garden: annual picnic was held in support of those displaced by the hurricane. Many hurricane refugees are in the hotels by Turner Field and are in desperate need of clothing and food. Please contact Jack Beckford [email protected]


Vice President, Dr. Michelle Kirby

  • Passed around sign-up and volunteer sheet, make sure info is correct

  • Advised new members to check in or sign in

  • GPNA meeting signs: contact Michelle if interested

  • Committee Sign-up Sheet; Committee Chair contact info on left



  • September minutes presented and approved



  • Report: $35,167 that is not earmarked

  • The GPNA is a IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible!


Public Safety Committee Chair, Chris Newman

  • Zone 6 APD update:  uptick in car larcenies, if you have a video of any break-ins please contact APD. The officers are working diligently to stop these, please keep your car clean

  • Zone 6 Community Prosecutor: Keith Lamar, [email protected], 404 612-7012

  • Neighborhood Watch Update: if you see something, please call 911

  • Zone 6 will be having a holiday party for disadvantaged children, and GPNA will be donating toys

  • NPU-W meets on Wednesday nights

  • Repaving project on Memorial, meetings scheduled on October 18th and November 8th



  • Nicholas House – Norma Nyhoff

  • Seeking engagement from neighbors for possible donation ideas

  • GPNA looking to host a neighborhood dinner for Nicholas House’s “Make a Meal” program possibly in November. Seeking volunteers from the Grant Park neighbors

  • Nicholas House has tours every Saturday



  • Sign up at and follow us on Facebook (info below)

  • Kroger Rewards & Amazon Smile

  • If you are not receiving news and events email updates, please contact the Technology chair


Economic Development

  • Grant Park Gathering Update- very successful, over 60 neighbors showed up

  • Next Gathering will be in November, with a location to be determined

  • Now in charge of Sunbursts – Order one today and have it by Friday!



  • Sponsorship Package update. Businesses, please become a sponsor! Contact [email protected] for more information.

  • Mothball 2017 set for 11/11/2017 8pm- 1 am at the GP Rec center. Volunteers need to contact Nikkia or Homer Hammonds at [email protected]

  • Tickets are $30 until the day of so get them early!

  • Need volunteers to set up and break down, please contact Nikkia or Homer if you’d like to help


Homes & History

  • Design Regs. Benefits & Ramifications (262 Ormond Demo)

    • Atlanta Urban Design deferred/denied the contractor’s permit

  • Renaming of Confederate Ave: Homes and History Committee has decided to abstain due to Mayor Reed’s task force that has been commissioned to investigate

  • Call in suspect work, material removal or work:  Matt Adams in planning ([email protected]) or Office of Buildings to send an inspector.  Please contact the Office of Buildings at 404.330.6150 -- any neighbor can call!!


Land Use and Zoning (including Transportation and Transit)

  • Grant Park Gateway Project of the parking deck and tree removal:

    • Meeting was held on October 14th with Councilwoman Carla Smith.

    • Due to Mayor Reed’s hold of the project, further meetings will be held although the time and dates have not been announced

    • Any questions can be directed to Councilwoman Smith’s office.


September Minutes Approved

Open Floor Discussion:

9:05 pm - Meeting Adjourned


GPNA Monthly Meeting Minutes