These minutes were approved at the January monthly meeting.

Date:                                  December 19 2017
Time:                                  7:31 pm to 8:56 pm
Location:                            ARC Building, Coca-Cola World Theater, Zoo Atlanta               
Officers Present:                Dr. Michelle Kirby- Vice President
                                             Michelle Botwinick- Treasurer
                                             Laura Keen- Secretary
                                             Paul Simo - Homes and History
                                             Chris Newman - Public Safety
                                             Rick Hudson- Land Use and Zoning
                                             Stephanie Warner- Technology
                                             Amanda Watkins Puché- Fundraising
7:31 pm            Meeting Commenced
Vice President, Dr. Michelle Kirby
  • Welcome and thanks again to Zoo Atlanta for the use of their space!
  • Please read/review the Housekeeping and Meeting Conduct points above.
  • Dr. Kirby opened the floor for nominations for the NPU-W- nominations were accepted with no objections
  • 2018 Grant Park NPU-W Representatives election results
    • Rob Bernier
    • Matt Gove
    • Abby Larimar
    • Michelle Kirby
    • David Mitchelle
    • Chris Newman
    • Lauren Rocereta
    • Paul Zucca
Welcome to new members: Name, Street and profession; hobby; burning question?
  • Elected Officials’ SHORT Update (if any are present)
    1. Grant Park Conservancy (
    2. Grant Park Parent Network Update – Holly Wilhelm (
  • Grant Park Schools
  • GPNA check presentation of $500 each to the PTAs of Wesley, Parkside, ANCS, MLK and Maynard
  • Grant Park Neighborhood’s Park Happenings
    1. 2017 Grant Park Farmers Market –Winter Market starts January 14th
  • Historic Oakland Cemetery
  • Grant Park Community Garden Please contact Jack Beckford [email protected]
Vice President, Dr. Michelle Kirby
  • Passed around sign-up and volunteer sheet, make sure info is correct
  • Advised new members to check in or sign in
  • GPNA meeting signs: contact Michelle if interested
  • Committee Sign-up Sheet; Committee Chair contact info on left
  • November minutes presented and approved
  • Report: $38,600, of this $9,000 has been earmarked for specific projects and to date, GPNA has given $12,605 to the community
  • The GPNA is a IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible!
  • GPNA made a donation to the Zoo ATL wishlist which will support:
1) Nestcam for the flamingo, vulture, and hornbill habitats so they can watch the eggs and hatchlings. The set of 2 cameras costs $350.
2) A hammock for the Great Ape habitat is $140.
3) Toys for the panda cubs are $15.
Public Safety Committee Chair, Chris Newman
  • Zone 6 APD update:  St. Hines
    • 7% decrease in crime
    • Toy drive was a success
  • Zone 6 Community Prosecutor: Keith Lamar, [email protected], 404 612-7012
  • Neighborhood Watch Update: if you see something, please call 911
  • LRB for My Friend’s Growler Shop- New owner Britney Wilkey application - supported
  • LRB for Farm Burger- seek full liquor license opening February 2018 application - supported
  • DO NOT leave your car running while it heats up
  • Robbery/ carjacking December 10th on Glenwood and Hill. Car was idling in driveway
  • Seeking engagement from neighbors for possible donation ideas
  • GPNA looking to host a neighborhood dinner- Doodle poll to go out to neighborhood for volunteers
  • Nicholas House has tours every Saturday
  • Sign up at and follow us on Facebook (info below)
  • Kroger Rewards & Amazon Smile
Economic Development
  • Welcome to the new GP businesses: Squash Blossom, ACE Hardware and Grant Park Market
  • Grant Park Gathering Update- very successful
  • Next Gathering will be in 2018
  • Now in charge of Sunbursts – Order one today and have it by Friday!
  • Sponsorship Package update. Businesses, please become a sponsor! Contact [email protected] for more information.
  • Volunteers needed- GPNA is trying to engage people more in 2018. Will only make GP stronger
Homes & History
  • 280 Milledge: vacant lot, townhome and narrow house will be going in. Passed ATL Urban Design Commission
  • 284 Milledge: New quad townhome. Developer will work with Homes and history committee in January on refining the design.
  • Tip of the Month: Look out for zoning signs and notices of zoning and construction: be the change
  • Call in suspect work, material removal or work:  Matt Adams in planning ([email protected]) or Office of Buildings to send an inspector.  Please contact the Office of Buildings at 404.330.6150 -- any neighbor can call!!
Land Use and Zoning (including Transportation and Transit)
•    Grant Park Gateway (Parking Deck Project):  
Per email from Christopher Kallio, City of Atlanta Arborist on the tree recompense plan:
The Green Roof will be planted with a mix of native ornamentals and mid-canopy trees as you get closer to Boulevard. This includes the following species and their corresponding maximum height at maturity:
6 – Serviceberry 20-25 ft. tall
14 – Sweetbay Magnolias (varying cultivars) 30-40 ft. tall
6 – Two wing silverbell 20-30 ft. tall
18 – ‘Wildfire’ Black Tupelo 40-60 ft. tall (Boulevard side of deck)
6 – Red Fox Cypress trees 50- 60 ft. tall (Boulevard side of the deck)
The Boulevard streetscape will be a mix of understory, mid-canopy, and overstory trees. This includes the following species:
18 – American Hornbeam 20-30 ft. tall. These will be planted along Boulevard between the street and the new sidewalk. These are mid-canopy trees that were chosen because they are smaller in size and won’t cause conflict with the overhead transmission lines. This is a requirement of the Beltline Overlay Zoning requirements.
5 – ‘Wildfire’ Black Tupelo 40-60 ft. tall
2 – Red Fox Cypress trees 50- 60 ft. tall
6 – White Fringe Trees 20 ft. tall
3 – Nuttall Oak 60 – 80 ft. tall
2 – American Beech 50 – 80 ft. tall
6 – Redbud 20 – 30 ft. tall
1 – Serviceberry 20 – 25 ft. tall
November Minutes Approved
Open Floor Discussion:

8:56 pm - Meeting Adjourned -
GPNA Monthly Meeting Minutes