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800 Glenwood – 2/13/18 Neighborhood Listening Session Update (draft)

These are meeting notes from the meeting regarding re-zoning the Senior Housing Parcel. Thank you for all who attended!

We had a room filled to capacity last evening as 46 People came to listen to Fuqua Development (Jeff Fuqua, Heather Correa, and Mike Hagan) and the Gentlemen from Taylor Theus Holdings David Ellison, Tyler Colpini) present their proposal for a possible rezoning of the remaining vacant piece at the 800 Glenwood / Glenwood Place development.  No applications have been filed for any rezoning at this time.  The Current Zoning on the property is PDMU (Planned Development Mixed Use) so any and all changes to the Site Plan submitted at the initial rezoning would have to come back through the City of Atlanta Zoning Process

Taylor Theus currently has the property under contract at this time, they do this because they want to have it contracted so that nobody else buys it out from under them.  They also want some semblance of control as they start their due diligence phase.  This is standard commercial real estate practice.  There are also a number of contingencies in the contract that could precipitate the severance of that contract.  At this time Taylor Theus are not obligated to close on the property.

I plan on reviewing the Zoning/Re-Zoning process at the next meeting, so everybody understands, and we are all in the same room to ask questions.

Here are a few of the comments from the Developers:
  • PDMU to C3 zoning (General Commercial Zone) w/conditions
  • Storage facility creates 2 jobs
  • Scoring (Checklist) - couldn't qualify for low income tax credits due to proximity to highway
  • Columbia Residential for Section 8 senior housing facility
  • Storage facility pays high property taxes without using many local resources (he gave examples, but this didn't get written down)
  • Current Zoning would allow Senior Housing
  • Fuqua offered to bring Columbia Residential in for a discussion
  • Storage unit has limited car trips, so this keeps traffic low in the area
  • 700 to 800 storage units
Here are a few of the comments from the Neighbors:
  • Some feel a storage facility fills a need
  • Some feel it was a bait and switch on the Fuqua Development's part
  • Most present don't want a storage facility
  • Feel as though the shift is comparing apples (senior housing) to oranges (storage facility)
  • Ground floor retail bay in storage facility to promote more active use (storage guys indicated they could do this)
  • Mural/beautification on side of storage facility facing the highway (storage guys indicated they could do this)
  • Horrible location to live in based on closeness to highway and hill on other side (someone referenced it as environmental justice for seniors- can't recall exact phrase)
  • Mix market-rate condos with the originally intended senior housing to make it doable
  • Do a swap deal: you can do storage facility at 800 Glenwood if you do affordable housing elsewhere (i.e. cold storage facility on Beltline off Boulevard)
  • Many neighbors voiced their frustration and discontent with Fuqua Development feeling they should've done more due dilligence
  • Density is required and needed in BeltLine Overlay areas to justify the future trolley (think senior housing; hotel; office building; apartments, etc)

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