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Security Patrol Updates for Winter 2017-2018

Grant Park Security Patrol is a nonprofit corporation(IRS 501C4), which hires off-duty City of Atlanta police officers to patrol the streets of our neighborhood, to supplement the regular patrols of APD. Although "off-duty," these police officers still retain full policing powers, allowing them to stop and question suspicious persons, ask for IDs, and check for prior arrests and outstanding warrants. Patrol schedules are constantly updated to address the crime patterns the neighborhood experiences.

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Officers continue to focus on prevention.  LT Iosty has facilitated an introduction to the officers in the HOPE program. The HOPE officers collaborate with social workers to assist mentally ill persons who are indigent.  We have a man here in the neighborhood who has begun to cause problems and was arrested three weeks ago.  The judge declared him incompetent and he was transferred to Grady for evaluation. We are waiting for a report on the disposition of his case.

We had two burglaries the last week of February.  One was at a new house still under construction. This occurred during the night on Mercer across from Parkside Elementary. The back door was kicked in and tools were taken.  The second burglary was at a home on 800 block of Confederate. A basement door was kicked in and tools were taken there also. This occurred sometime during the day when the homeowner was at work.  

In late December there were two auto theft/carjackings.  At one incident the female victim was in her car talking on her cell phone when a black male with a weapon tapped on her window and demanded she get out of the car.  This was at about 1AM on Cherokee near Woodward.  Her car was spotted near the interstate at University but officers were unable to make a traffic stop.   The second incident occurred at about 7:30 AM on Glenwood.  The victim had left the car running and went inside to get his child. The thieves were waiting when he returned outside and they took off in the car.

There have been five auto thefts in the past two months.  Three of them were on the SE side of the neighborhood on Atlanta, Mercer and Gress.  Two were on Georgia Ave. between Grant and Hill.  We do not have the narrative on these incidents. 

Our biggest crime problem in terms of numbers is vehicle larceny.  Visitors to the neighborhood are the primary victims.  In the months of January and February there were 26 reported larcenies with 9 reported in the last week of February which was winter holiday week for many schools.  There were big crowds of visitors to the zoo and the park.  In one day there were multiple incidents at the Cherokee parking lot.  With the Boulevard lot closed for construction visitors will be parking throughout the neighborhood.  Do not hesitate to call 911 if you see anyone looking into cars. 

The majority of the vehicle larcenies continue to occur on the north side of the neighborhood along Cherokee, Grant, Oakland and Woodward. There is also a cluster of these crimes near Oakland Cemetery.  



Do not leave your vehicle unattended and running to warm. 

As we transition into spring and begin to do yard work, officers want to remind us to secure our homes while working outdoors.  Working in the front yard? Secure the back door.   Officers also advise against hiring a stranger to do yard work. Only hire people you know and trust.

SPRING BREAK PLANS?  Officers will check on your home if you are travelling. Send us an email with your information such as emergency contact numbers and anyone who might have access to your home.  

We will be working with the Major from Zone 6 regarding extra patrols for the anticipated traffic congestion around the park.  We hope to recruit an officer to do some extra daytime patrols for the first week of April when most schools are on holiday.

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS  The annual Run Before You Crawl neighborhood event will be on Saturday morning April 14.  Volunteers are needed along the route.  GPSP is one of the three neighborhood organizations which benefits from this event.  In past years the proceeds have allowed us to have an additional 100 hours of patrols.  The website is to sign up. 



Please spread the word to your friends and neighbors so we can increase the number of hours that we have extra police presence on our streets.

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