#1 - 348 Ormond St SE

Name: Mike Schatz
Address: 348 Ormond Street SE 30315
Bedrooms/Baths: 3/2
What year was home built: 1904
Style of home: Victorian
When did you purchase your house: December 2002
Mike Schatz didn’t have a lot of renovating to do when he moved into his 3-2 Victorian on Ormond Street more than 16 years ago. Good thing. Not only did he have two kids – 2 and 6 –but his creative energies were more aimed toward other forms of drama. Who has time for arguing with contractors – much less hanging trim or laying tile – when trying to focus on writing plays, doing voiceovers for shows like Archer and Aqua Teen Hunger Force where he played the character Emory and was the voice of the Atlanta Braves for over 10 seasons.
During the day, Schatz is Senior Vice President and Creative Director at Blue Sky and is also an ensemble member at Dad’s Garage Theater, a comedy improv venue,  where he’s written and starred in three plays that have been performed in Atlanta, including one about the King of Pops (look for the poster in the living room).
The house is a refuge for Schatz who is more of an empty nester these days. He loves the trees that surround the house, the stained glass in the kitchen and a bathroom and the porch that serves as a sanctuary for hanging out. His favorite thing about the neighborhood though is when he can stand in the middle of Ormond and watch the sun seemingly set at the end of the street. It’s a scene that’s hard to beat.
Meanwhile, the zoo and the park are a block away and Mediterranea, a restaurant that has won his heart, is next door – the perfect location for brunches.  Besides it is much better to ruminate on the porch or in the café on the next play or acting gig.
Or just to ruminate.