#8 - 619 Rosalia St

Name: Peter and Amy Revelas
Address: 619 Rosalia St. SE
Bedrooms/Baths: 3/2
What year was home built: 1906
Style of home: Faux Victorian
When did you purchase your house: 2012

Peter and Amy Revelas undertook a major change in life in 2012 when they purchased their turn-of-the-century Faux Victorian..
In a way moving to Atlanta’s first historic neighborhood brought them exactly the house they wanted. But like so many incoming folks over the last decades they had to make some updates.
They learned the renovating often never ends.
The Boston couple, married 31 years ago, moved to metro Atlanta in 2001 before landing in Grant Park. Peter is an IT consultant and Amy is a first-grade teacher in East Cobb. The couple, which has two grown sons, loves to cook and apparently care for greyhounds, adopting two of that breed which is so often in need of rescue.
Peter and Amy wisely focused on the kitchen when they started renovating. They installed new countertops, painted the cabinets and bought new appliances. In September 2016, they decided to go all-in: they built a screen porch, added a carport and a master closet – always a smart decision in houses historically devoid of closets – while redoing the master bathroom and relocating the washer and dryer.
Five years later they removed the wall between the kitchen and the living room and moved the pantry to the former laundry room where they added cabinets, shelving and a tile floor. 
What is next? Arguably, unknown but it often never quits. Check in with them after they've had a breather.