Date:                      October 15, 2019
Time:                      7:30pm – 8:25 pm
Location:               Zoo Atlanta ARC Building, Coca-Cola World Theater
Officers/Chairs Present:
Dr. Michelle Kirby                President
Laura Keen                            Fundraising
Paul Simo                               Homes & History
Rick Hudson                          Land Use & Zoning
Eliza Adams                           Philanthropic
Chris Newman                      Public Safety
Stephanie Warner               Technology

Welcome! Housekeeping and Meeting Conduct

Call to Order – 7:32 p.m.     
Officer Reports

President – Dr. Michelle Kirby ([email protected])
  • Reminder: The purpose of the monthly general GPNA meeting is for GPNA officers/committee chairs, local organizations, elected officials, etc. to provide brief updates to the community. In-depth discussion occurs at the committee level.
  • Zone 6 update: Sgt. King – new evening shift supervisor
    • See something. Say something campaign. Email [email protected]
    • 880 Glenwood complex. The juveniles caught couldn’t be locked up due to lack of evidence
    • Car thefts: Don’t leave your car warming up without being in it
  • Mitsah Henry for Fulton County District 5 Commissioner Marvin S. Arrington, Jr
  • 5th Annual GA HOA Boot Camp @ GICC – 11/9, 8:00am-4:00pm
  • 2020 officer and chair nominations
    • Eliza Adams is stepping down as Philanthropic
    • Laura Keen is stepping down as Fundraiser and nominated self to run for Pesident
  • GPPN update ( Kristin Silton, president
    • Halloween Lantern Parade: 10/26 at 4:30-7pm at the Milledge Fountain
    • Winter Wonderland: 12/14 from 4-6pm at St. Paul United Methodist Church
Vice President – Open ([email protected]) - Presented by Dr. Michelle Kirby
  • Please check in. Please sign in if you’re a new member. Committee Sign-up Sheet
Treasurer – Michelle Botwinick ([email protected]) - Presented by Dr. Michelle Kirby
  • The GPNA is a IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible!
Secretary – Open ([email protected]) - Presented by Dr. Michelle Kirby
  • September minutes (approval vote toward the end of the meeting)

Committee Reports

Public Safety – Chris Newman ([email protected]) - Presented by Dr. Michelle Kirby
  • Prosecutor Lamar has retired and no new replacement to date
  • Robbery suspect from Decemeber
  • LRBs:
    • Sip and Paint at the Beacon – approved
    • Baker Dudes for full liquor license - approved
Economic Development- Samantha McKinley ([email protected]) - Presented by Dr. Michelle Kirby
  • In charge of sunbursts now. Order your Sunburst today and have it by Friday!
Fundraising – Laura Keen ([email protected])
  • Filming will occur on Mead St and Laura will post on Nextdoor the dates
  • Don’t forget to sign up for Kroger Rewards & Amazon Smile. Each of your purchases provide a donation in your name back to GPNA, at no cost to you
  • Mothball is on hold until the Steering Group can have an emergency meeting to discuss concerns by the committee.
Philanthropic –Eliza Adams [email protected] - Presented by Laura Keen
  • Next Make a Meal TBD.
Technology – Stephanie Warner ([email protected])
  • If you are not receiving contact information from GPNA, please contact [email protected]
  • Also, please make sure your information on the site is up to date
  • Send Stephanie social media content for her to post
Homes & History – Paul Simo ([email protected];)
  • 615 Delmar update – this is a non-contributing portion of GP. H&H has approved the design within our design regulations. If a home is non-contributing, the city asks 7 questions to the contractor and if they can answer those properly, they will be approved.
  • 519 Oakland new build – vacant lot wanting a duplex that will conform to our historic regulations and will come before AUDC on 11/9
  • Tip of the month – Window replacements. People are interested in replacing windows with energy efficiency. Original windows are very valuable
Land Use and Zoning – Rick Hudson ([email protected])
  • Z19-509: 649 Woodward – same status as last month. No change to date
  • Gateway update: Recently tested lights. Material work should be complete by the end of the year and they turn it over to the city to begin the punch list. Anticipated opening in the 1st quarter of 2020.
    • A neighbor asked about paid parking on the streets once the deck opens. Rick stated that the city wants to see how the parking situation evolves first
  • Beltline Rail Now: recent march protest and got good media coverage. Will continue the outreach and speak up to protest
Minutes Approval Vote- August minutes approved
New Business/Open Floor
  • November election
    • November election will then have President Michelle Kirby contested by former Fundraising chair Laura Keen
    • Elections rules and process will be posted on the site prior to the November meeting (
  • Rick and Stephanie are working independent of GPNA to help elderly neighbors in need through Gofundme and working with House Proud and have raised over $2,700 thus far

Adjourn – 8:25 pm

GPNA Monthly Meeting Minutes