Date:                      March 19, 2019
Time:                      7:31pm – 8:39pm
Location:               Zoo Atlanta ARC Building, Coca-Cola World Theater
Officers/Chairs Present:
Dr. Michelle Kirby                President
Michelle Botwinick              Treasurer
Samantha McKinlay             Economic Development
Laura Keen                            Fundraising
Paul Simo                               Homes & History
Rick Hudson                          Land Use and zoning
Eliza Adams                           Philanthropic
Chris Newman                      Public Safety
Stephanie Warner               Technology

Welcome! Housekeeping and Meeting Conduct

Call to Order – 7:31 p.m.

Officer Reports

President – Dr. Michelle Kirby ([email protected])
  • Welcome, housekeeping rules, and thanks to Zoo Atlanta for use of the theater for the meeting.
  • Reminder: The purpose of the monthly general GPNA meeting is for GPNA officers/committee chairs, local organizations, elected officials, etc. to provide brief updates to the community. In-depth discussion occurs at the committee level.
  • Zone 6 update: Sgt. Greg Smith ([email protected], 404-617-7113)
    • 2 new beats added.
    • Crime is down but car larcenies are still a problem. Remember the clean car campaign
  • State Rep. David Dryer, District 59 ([email protected])
  • Mitsah Henry, assistant for District 5 Councilmember (404-613-0203)
    • Flyers left on table for tax credits and FAQ
    • 5th Annual Family funding on May 4th from 10-2. Call for details
  • Grant Park Schools Update: No updates
  • Grant Park Conservancy ( No Update
  • GPPN update ( Merideth Bier, Marketing Chair
    • Run before you crawl is April 13th
    • Easter Egg Hunt: April 20th       is free to the public
    • Moving On Up is April 26th from 6:30-8:30 (
    • GPPN Playgroups
  • Historic Oakland Cemetery (
    • Illumine: May 9th – 12th, 7-10:30 PM
    • Tunes from the Tombs: June 8th, Noon-8PM
  • Atlanta Preservation Center: David Mitchell
    • Big gala on May 18th in support of the Erskine Fountain renovation:
  • 2019 proposed action plan – Approved
  • 2019 proposed budget - Approved
Vice President – Open ([email protected]) - Presented by Dr. Michelle Kirby
  • Please check in. Please sign in if you’re a new member. Committee Sign-up Sheet
Treasurer – Michelle Botwinick ([email protected])
  • The GPNA is a IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible!
  • $24,525 in the bank. Much is earmarked for different GPNA projects
Secretary – Open ([email protected]) - Presented by Dr. Michelle Kirby
  • February Minutes (approval vote toward the end of the meeting)

Committee Reports

Public Safety – Chris Newman ([email protected])
  • LRB: Hotto Hotto and the Zoo. Both approved
  • Crime information is available from
  • January robbery perpetrator is in custody without bond and hearing is upcoming
  • Lane closures: upcoming filming on Sydney will have intermittent closures
Economic Development- Samantha McKinley ([email protected]) 
  • Next gathering is in the works. Stay tuned
Fundraising – Laura Keen ([email protected])
  • In charge of sunbursts now. Order your Sunburst today and have it by Friday!
  • Don’t forget to sign up for Kroger Rewards & Amazon Smile. Each of your purchases provide a donation in your name back to GPNA, at no cost to you
  • Spring Tour of Homes is set for May 18th and 19th from noon-5 each day. Looking for volunteers and homes for the tour. Please contact [email protected] to volunteer
Philanthropic –Eliza Adams [email protected]
  • Dates have been determined with Nicholas House for Make a Meal and will be putting together a schedule soon
  • Coordinating with Maynard Jackson to get student volunteers to support GPNA
Technology – Stephanie Warner ([email protected])
  • If you are not receiving contact information from GPNA, please contact [email protected]
  • Also, please make sure your information on the site is up to date
  • We will be moving our calendar at to google calendars
Homes & History – Paul Simo ([email protected];)
  • Still working on the Northern Annex to the historical zone
  • 649 McDonald has changed ownership again
  • Tip of the month: promote Don’t paint the brick on your house. Pull dead  vines now before pregrowth
Land Use and Zoning – Rick Hudson ([email protected])
  • 1015 Boulevard update: Still in immediate neighbors process. Unfortunately, the trucks and traffic are not abiding by the 25mph speed limit. Rick is working with the city in traffic calming approaches, including textile changes in the road on Boulevard. The development will have 1.6 parking spots per unit. The development will have an old railroad station feel; final design is not set and the developer is working with GPNA
Minutes Approval Vote- February minutes approved

New Business/Open Floor
  • None

Adjourn – 8:39pm

GPNA Monthly Meeting Minutes
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