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GPNA Position Regarding Events In The Park

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Author: Chris Newman, GPNA President

I want to clarify the position of GPNA regarding proposed events for Grant Park. First, it is the position of GPNA that events of greater than 5000 people NOT be held in Grant Park. The Park receives enough wear and tear from everyday visitors and zoo visitors. We have and always will welcome events smaller than 5000 as long as they meet the guidelines of security, sanitation, etc. We feel other locations can better handle larger crowds.

Second, it is the position of GPNA that "emergency requests" not be allowed. It has always been the customary procedure that the GPNA allow for open discussion of park event permits. We vote and then pass along the vote count to NPU. We understand that the mayor has the final say regarding park permits. GPNA will ALWAYS negotiate in good faith with event planners. We expect that they negotiate in good faith with us. For example, underestimating the size of your group is not in good faith.

We all take great pride in our neighborhood and our park. Visitors from all over the world come to our neighborhood. We welcome them all and hope they have a great experience here.