Alisa T. Jackson, Secretary

President Jeff Rogers started the meeting at 7:30 p.m. by thanking Executive Director and Principal Dr. Jackie Rosswurm for graciously hosting the GPNA at the Neighborhood Charter School (NCS). Dr. Rosswurm spoke of the appreciation for the GPNA, it’s connection to the NCS, and the facilities availability to the GPNA in the future.

Refreshments were provided by Dr. Deneta Howland of Intown Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine, P.C. (4.446.4726,

Rogers called the meeting to order at 7:36 p.m. and welcomed new members and asked them to stand and introduce themselves. He reminded the membership of the voting eligibility rules. He also reminded the membership about the expected acceptable behavior during the meeting. The President also reminded the group that the GPNA meeting is a high-level, condensed overview of what has happened at each committee over the last month and encouraged people to go to the committee meetings for the details on any topic; the time and location of these meetings can be found on the Web site. Rogers went on to state that the next meeting may be held at Georgia Hill, but please check the GPNA Web site to determine if the location is ready following its renovation.

Virginia Wright was introduced as the Technology Chair for GPNA for the remainder of the year. She will be responsible for the weekly This Week in Grant Park email distribution, general website upkeep, and content accuracy and timeliness.

Elections for GPNA officers and committee chairs will be held at the November meeting this year. Nominations for these positions will be accepted following the October 17th meeting and close immediately prior to the November 21st elections. Rogers requested that members nominate individuals willing to put the sufficient time into their post. While it is not a full time job (in most cases), it does require some time and commitment toward accomplishing specific and varied goals.

The next GPNA meeting is Tuesday, October 17 at 7:30 p.m. in room 316 of the Georgia-Hill Community Center. Check the website in case this changes again.

Rogers then introduced Bobby Ahdieh who talked about the GPNA bylaws. Ahdieh has a draft and will share with anyone who emails him.

Michelle Botwinick, GPNA treasurer, stated the reports are on the back table. To date, GPNA is at $22,167.60. There is a lot of advance money for Tour of Homes, but none of that money is reflected in this month’s treasurer’s reports. Aside from major events, the GPNA funds are used to support other 501(c) (3) organizations in the neighborhood. The treasurer’s contact information is on the Web site. There was no Vice president’s report. The secretary stated that the minutes from the August meeting were on the back table for review.

Public Officials Reports

Major Finley said they are doing more roadblocks in the area. Community prosecutor Chris Ward asked that people get a copy of what’s going on in the prosecutor’s office. Through concerted efforts, one individual has been sentenced to 10 years because of an armed robbery in the neighborhood. All the contact information is located on his handout. Ward said crime in Fulton County has been reduced by about 50%.

Committee Reports

Fundraising Committee: Tour of Homes and Moth Ball tickets are on sale in back. The committee chair also reported that the City of Atlanta is coming in to clean up bulk mess over the next couple of days. Tickets for Tour of Homes are $13 now and will be $15 this weekend. The Moth Ball committee gave more specifics about the Moth Ball, with this year’s theme as Pirates of the Seven Seas.

There is no Transportation Committee report.

Land Use & Zoning Committee Report: There was an update on the Beltline which is in the early stages. GPNA is working with them now on certain aspects of the design. Please get involved and contact Rick via email; his address is on the GPNA Web site. The city voted to deny all five of Wayne Mason’s applications and this was a large win for the people who live near Piedmont Park. GPNA was asked to confirm neighborhood boundaries, which starts at Hill Street at the beltline bridge, north to Ormond, west to Grant Terrace, north to Glenn Street, west to Connally, and north to Memorial Drive. From Memorial and Connally, go east to Pearl street (including Oakland Cemetery), south to I-20, east to the Glenwood Connector, south to the railroad tracks, and then follow the tracks south and west to the starting point at Hill St. This is what the city has had on record for years. Rogers stated that this does conflict with most maps that have been used in the past. Phil Cuthbertson stated this is a different boundary from the historic district boundary. A motion was made to accept and seconded. The motion passes unanimously.

SP1-22: A timeline for how this project started back in June of 2005. Recommendations from the city were given at the end of August. There was a recommendation to approve the SP1 with one additional condition from the City: carry forward the herring bone print pattern that is in front of Oakland and in front of Cherokee. This passed the LU & Z committee. Motion was made to approve recommendation from the committee.

Karl Smith-Davids is a Senior Urban Designer with the City of Atlanta and discussed this initiative. Background can be found on the GPNA web site. The zoning being proposed would provide opportunity for small scale retail establishments with parking. Parking minimums and parking caps will be in place to ensure cars don’t park in front of someone’s home. Gave description of what the streetscape would be including tree requirements for that particular area. Curb cuts will not be allowed on those streets. This legislation has been derived based on other similar legislation in other places throughout the city.

Loyal Charles, Grant Park resident, was given the floor. He expressed his excitement about the proposal that was described by the City. This group of neighbors wants to ask for the height of the buildings on 3½ blocks to be reduced by 10 feet. Charles wanted this because of the topography; he mentioned density and the streetscape.

Jocelyn Mills gave more of a history of SP1 22. David Hamilton with Praxis 3 did the original Memorial Drive Corridor survey a few years back. Hamilton provided his email address, [email protected], to get the PDF version of this book that dispels the myths about high-density development.

Hudson presented a list of recommended conditions from the membership compiled since the GPNA Land Use and Zoning committee meeting. A motion to approve the SPI-22 as written with the condition for herring bone sidewalks was made and seconded. Hudson then opened the floor for questions regarding the presentations and discussion. Colleen O'Rourke made a motion to amend and accept the additional proposed conditions: items one through five and number six, sub-items 1 and 2. It was seconded. The vote was 34-45-0: motion fails.

John Reagan entered a motion to amend and accept the additional proposed conditions: items 1, 3, 4, and 6 sub-article 2. It was seconded. The vote is 44-34-1: motion passes.

Jocelyn Mills made a motion to amend that any substantive changes, other than grammatical, would come back through the neighborhood. This was seconded. A motion to amend the amendment motion was made to add condition 6 part 1. It was seconded. The vote was 36-38-2: the motion to amend the amendment motion fails. The vote on the motion to ammend for any substantive changes to come through the neighborhood was71-2-3: motion passes. Finally the original motion to approve the SPI-22, with all conditions and amendments subsequently approved, passes with a vote of 56-18-2.

One Grant Park resident wanted to have recorded in the minutes that at least three people with financial interest in the property voted. Another resident wanted the minutes to reflect that another resident threatened to be “a thorn in their neighbors’ sides” because his measure was voted down.

Economic Development Chair: Eric Newman and his business partners are beginning a restaurant where the Mexican restaurant on Boulevard (next to the pool hall/washing facility).

Due to the lengthy discussion for Land Use & Zoning, no other committee reports, New Business, Old Business or the raffle winners were discussed.

The president adjourned the meeting at 10 p.m.