Tourism For Peace (TFP) brings both "hosts" and "guests" -- those in residence of a particular country, culture, or business, and those visiting it -- together to learn about peace by understanding & appreciating diverse cultural beliefs, art, music, foods, stories, spiritual ceremonies, and by connecting with the natural world (waterfalls, mountains, oceans, and wildlife). We use this traveling/tourism theme as a way to see our differences in a new light -- that of learning about my "brother and sister" from another land or area. You may come to our programs as either a host or guest -- or both! Peacemaking principles are taught and expressed in fun & enlightening activities, meditations, workshops, classes, performances, and community service projects. The aim is to unite both hosts and guests through these on-site activities.

We believe that all people are one human family, and that we can learn to honor & appreciate each other through travel by getting to know each other in our homes, work, and places of play & worship. We also believe that people and the Earth are one, and that all life is interconnected in a Web of Life, and that through sustainable development practices and metaphysical understanding, we can honor this life connection between people and the land, sea & sky. We aim to build The Peace Path from community to community, connecting places of peace, both within communities - places such as a community organic garden or a school - and in between towns, cities, parks, and sacred sites worldwide

Come join us in creating a world at peace!

From I-85/75, take I-20 East. Get off at the First Exit = Boulevard (Zoo Atlanta) and make LEFT on Boulevard. At 2nd light = Memorial, make a LEFT. Follow brick wall of cemetery, and after Six Feet Under Restaurant, make a LEFT at next street = Oakland Avenue. House = 366 Oakland Ave, on LEFT.

366 Oakland Avenue, SE
Atlanta, GA 30312-2233
Fulton County
Tourism For Peace, LLC
366 Oakland Avenue, SE
Atlanta, GA 30312-2233 "Love Nature, Love People, Love Yourself" is Tourism For Peace. We offer classes & workshops in Pea...
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Tourism For Peace, LLC

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm