Special Meeting on School Safety

Meet the APS Director of School Security & Safety

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March 19th at Grant Park Neighborhood Association the guest speaker is Chief Marquenta Sands to discuss our community schools.

What does a parent need to know about school safety?  How are Parkside Elementary, King Middle, and Maynard Jackson High school's overall safety planning? (Charter schools not listed)
Do we have a school safety team? Have school employees received training on school security and crisis preparedness issues?  Do you know where your children go if a crisis happened?
What is the difference between a police officer on school grounds and a trained school resource officer? What does it mean to have APS employee school resource officers in our schools?
Here is your opportunity to speak directly with the APS Director of school safety to answer your questions.  The Grant Park Parent Network invited Chief Sands to Grant Park to speak specifically about our schools and the invitation was accepted. Please come show your support that safety is very important.
Meeting starts at 7:30 pm in the ARC building on the Zoo grounds. Park in the South corner Cherokee St. parking lot and walk through gate to buidling.


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