GPNA Meeting Minutes - 2013, February 19

GPNA Meeting Minutes

February 2013

Date:                                                   February 19, 2013
Time:                                                  7:39 pm to 9:11 pm
Location:                                           ARC Building, Coca-Cola World Theater, Zoo Atlanta
Officers Present:                            Lauren Rocereta, President
                                                            Jeff Rogers, Vice President
                                                            Kimberly Gibson, Secretary
                                                            Chris Balch, Economic Development Committee Chair
                                                            Sarah Monahan, Fundraising Committee Chair
                                                            Marie Mower, Grant Park Parents Network Committee Chair
                                                            Paul Simo, Historic Committee Chair
                                                            Robert Greenage, Parks & Recreation Committee Chair
                                                            Chris Newman, Public Safety Committee Chair
                                                            Jason Parker, Technology Committee Chair
                                                            Rick Hudson, Land Use & Zoning Committee Chair
7:39 pm            Meeting Commenced
President, Lauren Rocereta
  • Welcomed everyone and instructed people to make sure they sign in
  • Explained the agenda and open floor rules
  • Thank you to the zoo for allowing the use of the building
  • Explained voting eligibility
  • Next meeting is Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 7:30pm
  • Thanks to Mezcalito’s and Grant Central Pizza for refreshments
  • New member welcome and introductions
Nicholas House, Sonya Milner
  • Located at 830 Boulevard and operates as a family homeless shelter
  • Explanation of its purpose and how it reaches the community
  • Open door tours every 3rd Saturday from 10:30-11:30 except during June and July
  • Volunteers are needed and if interested contact Sonya Milner
  • Chris Balch representing NPU-W: Update on 800 Glenwood project – committee was formed and denied the request for a second time. Committee meets every 4th Wed
Vice President, Jeff Rogers
  • Passed around sign-up sheet
  • Advised contact info for committee chairs and officers can be found on the Agenda
  • Bylaw committee formed – meeting set for Monday, February 25, 2013
Secretary, Kimberly Gibson
  • Minutes from January 2013 meeting were presented
President, Lauren Rocereta
  • Treasurer not present, advised of 501 (c)(3) status and new business sponsorship packet offerings
Public Safety Committee Chair, Chris Newman
  • Several new businesses opening so representatives from the restaurants are present
    • Kevin Gillepsie representing Gunshow – liquor license application was submitted and only serving beer and wine, serving local sourced food and staying true to southern heritage, no bar at the location, opening on Tuesday, April 16, 2013, hours of operation are 6-10pm Tues-Sat, $6-18 per dish price point
    • Tatiana representing Mezcalito’s – liquor license submitted and they will serve beer wine and liquor, serving traditional Acapulco region cuisine, already open, hours of operation are 11am-10:30pm, location is within Grant Park and the restaurant signed the good neighborhood agreement so a motion was brought forth to approve, seconded and moved without opposition
Economic Development Committee Chair, Chris Balch
  • A growler shop wishes to open in the shopping center on Memorial Dr offering 64 craft beers, ordinance requires the location be 600 ft from residences and it’s currently closer to 500 ft so an exception has been requested. A motion was brought forth for an exception that is site and applicant specific, seconded and moved without opposition
Public Safety Committee Chair, Chris Newman
  • Crime Report
    • Question asked about an increase when rezoned but no evidence to support this has been found
Technology Committee Chair, Jason Parker
  • Sign up at and a survey will be generated shortly to determine what technology needs and desires the neighborhood has
  • Grant Park hashtag is #grantparkatlanta
President, Lauren Rocereta
  • Transportation rep not present, information regarding the sidewalk issue is on the committee page.
  • Next meeting is Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Economic Development Committee Chair, Chris Balch
  • Explanation of the sponsorship package and loyalty card
Grant Park Parents Network, Marie Mower
  • Planning to collect box tops
  • Introduced Richard and Katie from Southeast Atlanta Communities for Schools
    • Described their purpose and involvement
    • Wesley International is accepting 80-90 incoming kindergarteners
    • Parkside Elementary has 700 students and is currently seeking a new principal
    • Kindergarten Round-Up is Wednesday, March 6, 2013
    • Farm to school workshop is Saturday, March 9, 2013
  • Gigi is selling signs to support Maynard Jackson, $15 and the funds go to the PTA
Fundraising Committee Chair, Sarah Monahan
  • Tour of Homes and Gardens will take place in May, homes and volunteers are needed
  • MothBall theme is Grant Park Hoedown and will be in Sept.
  • Meeting regarding fundraising for Sunday, March 10, 2013
  • Sunbursts are for sale (email [email protected] or purchase online)
Historic Committee Chair, Paul Simo
  • Committee created a support statement and asked for approval from GPNA. Motion brought forth and seconded, moved without opposition
  • Tip of the month: Digital thermostats are a good investment and help better regulate temperatures within the home resulting in a decreased gas and/or electric bill
Land Use and Zoning Committee Chair, Rick Hudson
  • Two rejections so far for the 800 Glenwood project. Guidelines in regards to handling the matter were created in committee and have been presented for GPNA approval. Motion brought forth and seconded, moved without opposition.
  • Next meeting is the 1st Thursday of the month
Parks and Recreation Committee Chair, Robert Greenage
  • Next meeting is Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 7pm
  • New senior classes offered in March
  • Conservancy update
    • The lighting survey has been discussed
    • City of Atlanta has updated its website to allow online requests for rental of space in the park
  • Introduction of David Mitchell
    • Removal of playground at Fort Walker
    • Still need to complete replacement the missing stones
    • Working towards bringing back the historical importance of Fort Walker
January meeting minutes were brought forth for approval, seconded and approved without opposition.
Open Floor Discussion:
  • Leslie Grant is running for APS Board District 1 seat
  • Trees Atlanta will be planting on Saturday, March 9, 2013
  • A fundraiser fun run is scheduled for Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 9am with a pub crawl to follow after at 10:30 am
  • A request for APD to represent at next meeting was made
Motion for meeting adjournment made, seconded and approved without opposition.
9:11 pm            Meeting Adjourned
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