Kairos Church

Kairos Church

What do we value?

  • Christ before Christianity
    … because following a person is different than fitting into an institution
  • People before Programs
    … because all people are God’s creation and have eternal value
  • Prayer before Politicking
    … because God’s power is infinitely greater than human power
  • Rhythm before Regimen
    … because greatness must be inspired and nourished before it can be managed
  • Mission before Maintenance
    … because Jesus was sent to us and now he sends us to our world
  • We before Me
    … because I may be good, but we are better

Why are we doing this?
God is calling us to connect our stories with God’s bigger story.
Jesus is saturating our imagination and living.
The Holy Spirit is moving everywhere in our world—and we want to join him.

How are we living out our faith?
In order to grow in our relationship with Christ, with one another, and with Christ’s work in the world, we are learning that we change when we …

  • attend to the condition of our hearts through spending time with Jesus, through reflecting on who and what we are becoming in Christ, through repentance of our sin, and confession to one another.
  • gather for Spirit-guided worship which includes the rhythms of devotion to the teaching of the Bible, the discipline of prayer, the fellowship of the Lord’s Table, and the joy of whole-life stewardship.
  • nurture one another through intentional building of our faith family.
  • pursue ministry in our daily lives—wherever God leads, with all the wisdom and energy which God provides, and with the servant heart and mind of Christ.

How will we know that we are being successful?

  • People will recognize God’s fingerprints on their lives daily and on others around them.
  • People will be involved in diverse, creative, Kingdom-focused witness in life, word, and deed.
  • People will individually be taking new steps of faith toward Jesus and will collectively be a community of humility, hospitality, healing, creativity and love.
  • People will be drawn to our community because they, too, want to follow Jesus.
  • People will continually be moving beyond our own community because Jesus is on the move.
  • Our community will become financially independent and gloriously generous.
  • Atlanta will be different because we are here.

Where is God taking us these days?

  • We will continue to listen to God’s story as expressed in the Bible, and discern how our stories can be best linked with his.
  • We will continue to look beyond ourselves to what God is doing in our neighborhoods, workplaces, city and world—and we will be intentional in following Jesus into some of the most challenging places.
  • We will meet together regularly for worship, encouragement and focus on Sunday afternoons—and for closer connections throughout the week in small groups.
  • We will grow as disciples of Jesus in both our depth and our numbers.
  • We will stay attuned to the Spirit and flexible in our thinking and planning.

Kairos Atlanta is …
… an organism, not an organization;
…  a network, not a bureaucracy;
…  a catalyst, not the product;
…  a community, not a building or institution;
…  an airport, not a destination;
…  a rescue and training vessel, not a cruise ship.


GA Avenue Church Building at the intersection of Grant Street and Georgia Avenue in Grant Park

645 Grant Street SE
Atlanta, GA United States 30312
Fulton County
Hours of Operation
Sunday. 10:30 am


Mrs. Leigh Phelps
404-863-6767  Administrator, Kairos Church

Liz Johnson
770-862-7868  Family & Children's Ministry Coordinator

Thomas Daniel
404-883-3640  Co-Pastor

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