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MothBall 2019 - Delayed til 2020, but not Dead

 This event has already occurred.

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Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Fellow MothBallians,

It is with great sorrow that we announce our decision to postpone “The MothBall” this year. Some issues have arisen during our final planning meeting that cause us to pause and step back. We've gone through every scenario to try and make it happen, and we did not feel we would be good stewards of GPNA's funds by having the MothBall at this time. We have the support of the GPNA Board on this as well and we are in consensus moving forward.

Any payments that have been made for tickets or tables will be refunded Monday through EventBrite and may take 5-7 business days.

Previous Mothballs

We look forward to coming back with a MothBall that will be best ever!

We thank you for your support and confidence and hope you understand our pause.


- Laura Keen, Eliza Adams, and Samantha McKinlay
Your MothBall Committee

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