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Friends of Ormond-Grant Park

$25,000 Goal

More changes are happening at Ormond-Grant Park with the Park Pride Grant for $100,000!! 

There have been some exciting improvements at Ormond-Grant Park including sidewalk repairs, safety railings, new signs, a seating wall and an ADA walkway into the play area - but that’s just the beginning!  The new playground equipment, including swings, sunshades, and equipment that is suitable for kids of all ages is up and running. The ADA walkway will continue and connect the sidewalk to the playground creating easier access for strollers, bikes and wheelchairs. The $100,000 grant from Park Pride will allow us to install an interactive rain garden (bio swale) south of the playground to help with persistent drainage problems.  It would also create a new staircase entrance to the park, linking it with the commercial property currently under renovation at the corner of Ormond & Grant Streets. 

The Friends group has raised over $12,000 towards these efforts but has a ways to go to reach the fundraising goal of $20,000.  100% of these funds will go directly back into the park by providing the needed matching funds for the grant as well as supporting future improvements such as new signs, a community bulletin board, annual plantings, and other beautification projects.
We continue to need support.  How can you help?
  • DONATE to help us with continued improvements!
  • LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!  Having strong support from our community is very important as we apply for funding.
  • VISIT THE PARK!  Located at the corner of Ormond Street and Grant Street, this is a great neighborhood park and the more people who use it, the better!
If you want to get even more involved or have questions about these upcoming improvements, please send us an email at [email protected]. Thanks for your continued support.  Hope to see you at Ormond-Grant Park soon!

Ormond Grant Park (OGP) is located between Atlanta Ave and Ormond Street SE along Grant Street, and serves both the Grant Park and the Peoplestown neighborhoods. It is a lovely little park with trees, green space, and play equipment. Our mission is to constantly improve this park so neighbors will be excited to meet and play here. The goals have included fixing the current drainage problem, better security lighting, replacing play equipment, and designing a wonderful park for our neighborhoods! We want to add features while keeping the beauty, integrity, and green space of the current design.

The Friends of OGP group is guided by the Grant Park Neighborhood Association.
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Donate to the Ormond-Grant Park Renovations - $100.00
Donate to the Ormond-Grant Park Renovations - $10.00
Donate to the Ormond-Grant Park Renovations - $30.00
Donate to the Ormond-Grant Park Renovations - $50.00
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The old playground
Music in the Park before playground renovation